When you think about it, xenobio is the biggest source of fetish content there is

There are:
slime girls
slave monsters (golems)
gender swap potions
god damn love potions
spiecies change shit
and probally a lot more, and this is just from the top of my head

in short, remove xenobio for fetish content

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Remove clown for fetish content too.

And doctors.

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They can make a box of valatine chocolates aswel

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hey… wanna do… xeno bio together??
---- :kissing_closed_eyes:
:point_right: :point_left:

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When love is a fetish :pensive:


Remove surgery - it can turn you into a nugget.

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no felinds from xenobio
seek elsewhere

Be chef
Work 1 hour to make a sushi buffet
Xenoman finally leaves his den
Shits high quality food everywhere

Strongly agreed.


Technically speaking everything in the game could be fetish content.


Remember the Research Director Pringles Incident of May 26

When you think about it the Bee forums are just the manga to the anime.moff eating pizza

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