When security actually does their job

tell us tiems when sec actually do their jobe

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Well, on LRP, a while back, I was the HoS, and we had a blood cult. That shift was great, we didn’t need to fire any one, and we rekt the cult.

The adminbus literally gave bloodcult bloodcrawl and they still lost.

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i remember when i killed the whole sec, and became sec myself and saved the day

One time I found out the QM shuttle gibbed himself while I was HoP I walked into science to borg him, and right as I was doing that the Rd (played by:Mark Suckerberg) was dragging an unconscious HoS into his rune filled office
I managed to save the HoS and then watched as the HoS took out him and the other two cultists who went in to help mark and the rest of the shift was basically a green shift this was at the start of the round and the HoS managed to stop the cult before it even began thanks to both his compitenence and incompetence

pickpocket a sec… get stunbatoned cuffed heirloom stolen they put you in gulag without actyally gulagging you then they throw you in the lava.