When Monke finally gets added, how many of you will actually make monke characters? (Vote here)

  • Ooga Booga
  • I’m actually switching all my characters to monke
  • At least 1 or 2 of my characters will be monkes
  • I’ll probably only make 1 monke, if that
  • I don’t plan on going monke, but I like the idea
  • I don’t like the monke race idea

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I accidentally set it to bar graph the first time, whoops

me when I blind someone chasing me by throwing shit in their face as monke :sunglasses:

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monke=furries and unbased

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you have the same level of hair a monkeeeee does…

I’m really not understanding how people aren’t making this connection.
We’re going from what is almost entirely human… to a straight up, literal furry.


I have nothing against monkeys but I don’t understand why they have to replace the cats

I have nothing against the monkeys, but why add a new race when you can already become a monkey, either by genetics or by wearing a monkey suit.

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you can become other races through mutation toxin or teleporter use, why even have them as round start :flushed:
fuck it, add gorilla as round start race too.

monkees arent furries they are monkees



monkey race = humanized version of monkey = furry


no because you see monkees are not furries

monkee is its own genre of meme

leave them out of furries



humans are just hairless monkeys

and your opinion is just wrong
(momke bad.)

Before ike ruined it, this was my genius political plot, ruko

Redditors are NPCs and therefore do not think for themselves.

humans are featherless bipeds

The only NPCs and Redditors I see are the ones with anime pfps and “people” who voted 2


last time i checked hating on felinids was a reddit thing to do