What's wrong with gun cargo

Just make the crates indestructable.

great idea

you try to remove powergaming but instead now you have an indestructible barricade, a better solution is for locked crates to destroy their objects on breaking, requiring an emag to open or an actual ID

We propably dont do this since traitors(and such) are the only antags to get emags, while revs, cultist, changeling and revs would be cucked by it

Answer, there is nothing wrong with gun cargo, space law doesn’t allow them possession of firearms so thats an IC issue really.

how to beat gun cargo


thanks for coming to my ted talk

Tragicaly wrong
Its not impossible for it to be justified ICly
but 3/4 times its powergaming, since there is no reason besides “what if we orderd lots of guns lole”

just make crates indestructable

jokes aside cargo ordering guns is very legit when threats like xenos or cult show up.

Equaly tragicaly, headmins have zero input on code maters.
Besides being able to yell at the coders slightly better

Durr i mean there is nothing wrong with them mass ordering guns, opening crates without permission and using those guns without weapon permit is not only IC rule break but OOC powergaming.

(Also branded as an unfun cargonian shitter)

Its the only way to arm crew, thats why cult and and other conversion antags target it so much

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