Whats up with the lack of admin repsonses in player reports?

Seriously, there a few there that have been there a while. I just thought that with all the admins they would have been sorted by now.

It just seems like some of them get attention straight away, while others need weeks before a response.


Reports suck. Barely anyone enjoys log-diving and trying to create a narrative off of the bare bones information offered by ss13 logging is not fun. Yogs has a cool feature where you can replay the round (which comes with its own host of issues) and Bee has an improved compiling program that’s superior to pouring over txt files but it doesn’t change the fact that on top of trying to come to a fair and just decision that will be agreed upon by the staff team, you need to find the specific rules broken and essentially build a case against the reported person, if you’re being thorough. All staff are volunteers and for the most part will do whatever part of the job is most enjoyable to them - which is either events, ingame moderation (which is easier because the situation just happened and you may have witnessed it first-hand) and community interaction.

This is seen pretty prominently in my business - where we receive on average 3000 reports a month - paid staff have difficulties sitting down and actioning reports that have evidence because of their uncertainty of various things, whether it be how long to ban the person for or what rule it breaks - not to mention banning them would tie them to that ban and they are responsible for that ban from now until the end of their time with my business.

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are you referring to roblox?

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I would actually like to admin but I doubt I have the character to do so.

Also good on you for applying, you seem like a good guy

yes i am referring to roblox

dunno till you try! worst that can be said is “no thank u”

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Pretty much what jameson said, never hurts to give it a shot man thats what the trial periods all about.

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Good thing applying doesnt cost anything except for 20 dollars per word written in your failed app

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