What's going on in y'all's lives

how’s school going, how’re your careers, recent moves, successes, skills you’ve learned, stuff like that. how have all of you nerds been.


All I do is play SS13.


Work and school it’s fucking tiring, especially since I have exams in a bit.

sometimes I wonder if I’d be better off just committing first degree murder and spending life in prison rather than being constantly stressed about first world problems

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aquire a radical idelogy then release your anger on other people


I’m failing 2 of four classes :flushed:I hate online

6 hours of school a day, man I am fucking tired of that shit

I was permad and now im crashing my server with producing infinite rads leading to me producing infinite mev

Talked someone off a bridge two days ago.
5 days ago someone stabbed in chest while on the phone to me.

Y’know the usual. Nothing interesting.




Sounds like Britain to me


send help please holy shit

send help to this hellhole called Britain

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At least hell is warm, we don’t even have that here.

Britian doesnt have it bad at all, theres literally people who live in Utah.

I live in a swing state that has alternated red and blue for the past 36 elections. Every generation is fighting

Got a job in customs. Glory to Arstotzka!


Two party system moment

Fallen gamer, i still haven’t got my laptop fixed yet and it’s been a month since i last played SS13.

Ironically the one president from my state directly caused the civil war with incompetency