What type of RP will Clover be?


… erp? :flushed:

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Clover is going to be an MRP server



lets hope rules are actually enforced

On goonstation- don’t get your hopes up. It’s designed to be fun and have potential to learn shitty tricks for years. They have a role play server that barely functions because people are wearing asses as hats

Essentially goon code bad

Eh, Goonstation RP has more RP in it than Sage

I will take that any day, even if it has asshats (literally)

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ERP :flushed:

goonstation only works as mrp when you adopt the attitude of goon sec

in that only the antags get a jail sentance, and that sentance is typically just a 2 minute timer and fine along with being farted on

Goon sec isn’t ever gonna be bee sec because bee sec is power tripping murdering assholes who don’t understand that antags make the round fun for everyone. Sec exists to play cat and mouse with antags, and killing them all because “muh robust” is just no fun

Goon sec takes your contraband gives you two minutes and slides you a paper detailing how to make a better Grenade



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Oh god oh shit goon sec has tasers

Oh god clover is gonna be a valid hunting shitfest

super roleplay

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