What to do in a long ass MRP round that won't end

especially when you are a ghost

place your answers here

so like, i never fuckin latejoin like ever, even when i miss the roundstart by like, 3 fucking seconds

and on MRP rounds have a tendency to drag on for way too fucking long, upwards of 3 and a half hours

so i want something other than to watch forensic files for 4 fucking hours until the shuttle gets called

or just make an automatic shift end shuttle call, like on citadel

or just start spawning antags?
benos, syndicate seeing sttation with skeleton crew just sends a attack party to clear and leave? bunch of pirates, drones?
lots of events

bro what kind of person do you think i am im not a fuckin admin lol

self antag? could be allowed when 2 HOURS in a single round

Haha no.

However spawner roles exist. If not you can always wait for an event. Or if a min is on you can always beg for something.

I admin a bit and when I’m not doing that I do coding, and if I don’t do that I pull up a paradox game and play that for like an hour

Ok so I usualy pick my jobs thinking that I will have all the time in the world to do whatever gimmick I whant to achieve so I never have a problem with rounds taking too long as long as it does not hit the 4 hour mark as then you are usualy don’t with everything you can do (and on box the coms when don’t like 30 mons ago as long as nobody has bothered to conections telecoms to the power grid. So I like the mrp round length and would not like it if we had a time limit to do the things I whant. But the again I usualy whant to do quite ambitious that I can’t realy Finnish even with the round length we curently have. So I would say pick a job that can do things for a long time and can do that even when you are alone (but to be fair I usualy am so that might be the major factor behind that)
As for gost spawns I usualy look to Se if there are any interesting things closet them (like Charlie spawning next to a telle porter or something) and sometimes I pick them but usualy I go do something else instead

I mean when the crew is under 10 (wich is when these times are usualy achieved) antags usualy don’t kill pepole untill the last moment as it is quite a dick move to get soneome out of the round when it could be going on for several hours

Usualy lone pos spawn to end the round as nobody bothers with taking care of the disk and loneops only spawn when there is a gost to control it and as nobody is dying they and all other midround antags can’t spawn. And I might have figured out how to stop loneops with minimum effort and at most 10 minute setup even if a smug admin comes in and gost so he can tell me that I need to move the disk ot lone ops will spawn. (Also there is an event where syndicate comandos span on the station wich usualy gets the shuttle called even if we took care of them all super fast)

you see…

don’t do what neko sam did and have borgs kill literally everyone, camp the arrivals shuttle, and then force-borg half of them and let the other half die and then let the round go on forever

I don’t think spawning antags is a reasonable solution to this. Because the rounds tend to last so long you need to expect players to have to at some point step away from the PC and do something else and return. Sending in some threat player controlled or not would just lead to unfair deaths. In-fact you’d have to be relying on this fact and exploiting this because if the crew was super active there is a chance they could defeat the threat.

Also let’s be real only admins have this ability to spawn in antags and so you’d just give them a excuse to do so if they die or didn’t get a chance at a job they wish to have. So you’re just risking admin abuse for either the admin’s own personal desires or that of their friends who ask for it. Any antag spawns should occur naturally.

After all it’s MRP so things should occur more naturally and have less admin involvement preferably.

I was her blood brother that round. She simply told the borgs to bring her more corpses to also borg. Any arrivals camping etc. was down to the cyborgs themselves, and we did try to borg everyone we killed, apart from the warden who the borgs decided to space without orders for some reason.