What the actual fuck

Discord ID: BettonnCZ#9141

Admin Discord ID:

Ban Type: permanent

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 7.30.2020

Ban Reason: trying to bait out further drama by harassing xdyou

Appeal Reason: what.

Making a meme is harassment?
And what’s harassment about the first picture. I don’t get it.

Additional Information:

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The issue was settled and dealt with. Why are you are trying to keep the fight going by sparking new drama? You’re already muted so the only thing left from there is completely banning.

What, how was I sparking drama, I was just glad that he was dealt with and the meme is spot on if you ask me.

Even if the meme isn’t appropriate you have to appreciate the creativity


After his demotion, I addressed 2 sentences to that man, I wasn’t constantly bogging him or anything.

ooh is it because I called him a cunt? Sorry for calling him a cunt then. I forgot that it’s unacceptable

How come I keep seeing the same 3 names pop up in the ban appeals every week?


Dunno, I just did my thing, saw a opportunity and made a meme.

shitposting is not a crime (unless you shitpost someone adress) free shit man.

i feel like it was a inocent: ha ha funny meme. other than malicious attacks


2020 char char gang

This did happen in #the-salt-mines, i feel like salt would be expected in that channel.


did that man just spoke facts?

admemes cringe. there is a block function on discord if you dont like someone. harassment cannot exist due to the simple fact you click button and the lad can never talk to you again. its like a free court order for someone to stay the fuck away.

Also it was salt mines… which is the place for salt.

story might be different if it was posted on every channel which it was not.

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so instead of 2 week bans you handle out perma’s just for the sake of it? seems about right.

soo what you telling me is:"criminal that was in jail 7 times, did his time, came back to the jail for the same thing, should be now executed ?

That’s kind of how bans work, yes. If you consistently cause problems, ban lengths increase eventually resulting in permanent removal. You’ve reached that point with only a brief period of substantial improvement right after your last ban which was almost a permanent ban.

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ok the length increases i get that, but this thing is so miniscule, first you cant call it harassment because that would be me spamming him with stuff, i wrote him 2 sentences and a meme, and second this is the damn internet, expect to be treated as a cunt if you tell people to commit suicide, try to look at it from my side for once.

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I did when you sent screenshots showing only what XDyou said in the conversation and not your instigation of it; XDyou provided full context and still got punished for his side in it, both with you and Syndi Man. There is no excuse to continue the shitshow. You did similar with Aeder by continually harassing and calling him names over the cabbage situation, then reporting a tiny window of what you provoked out of him.

Stop throwing stones from inside a glass house.

Awaiting other @GameAdmin opinions on this one still - Aeder isn’t exactly the best second opinion in this case.

how did i continue the shitshow, by making a meme? you cant be serious

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you are still on about continuing the drama, even tho there is no fucking proof of that. that screenshot you sent isnt me continuing the drama, it was me suprised that action was taken.