What’s everyone’s favorite banner lord faction?

I’ve been raiding Battonian caravans for 8 hours. My fingers hurt from trapping them against mountains.

My favorite kingdom is any of the Empires

The Aserai since i enjoy playing as an Eastern mercenary.

I just like legionaries. Amassing 50 of them with some archers is scrumptious

Yeah, i like the empire’s late roman look. Shame more games don’t use the late roman aesthetics.

Aserai for lyfe

Cant believe they made kahjiits into real people :flushed:

I enjoy using 20 legionaries to kill hundreds of troops

Imma put pictures of legionaries fucking shit up in here now

naruto uzamaki and the crystal gems

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Unbiased Michiuru doesn’t play Bannerlord

Unbiased and nonpartisanpilled


Cant hear you over the sound of my gamer camels


The camels can’t wear normal horse armor and get shredded by my cataphracts

Modded in nekkid neko race with rocket propelled grenades.

Objectively superior to any other,

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Battania, because angry forest people is cool

Imperial Palatine Gaurd goes brrrttt

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