What old features/things do you miss from Beestation?

This isn’t meant to be totally serious, but just talk about what features/quirks that you miss that Beestation once had.

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I’ll go first, I have fond memories of when bomb damages wasn’t immediate. Like if a maxcap was blown up you’d hear the explosion, and then slowly the sound of items being destroyed as row of row of tiles were destroyed. I remember trying to out run it sometimes with my crew members, only to see them get killed instantly or even gibbed behind me as I barely get past the explosion radius. Kind of like a inverse version of the battle royale wall.

Also I really miss the away missions, notable favorites was one of the larger area’s where you explored kind of different levels of hell/the dimension where I think Narsie gets summoned from and the plasma man planet. Plasma man planet was just a station that was on a planet where the air was pure plasma. All it would take was one broken window and then a lightbulb to go out and then sections of the station would be cut off and it would turn into a horror movie.


I’ve been playing on TG. I kinda miss being able to explore space with just a hardsuit (they have modsuits that are pretty easy to get and EVA is usually open).

I like supercruise, but we did lose something with space looping now.


True that, tho at least all the old ruins that you could find are still there, now you need a shuttle to travel to them instead of Jetpack + tank

And damn, i do indeed miss the old explosion system it was… so chaotic seeing how the explosion was coming slowly for you and barely surviving by one tile

That away mission from the plasma planet was such a kek, sadly i don’t think there was even relevant loot there, i do miss some gateways i hope some admin events brings them back and gives use to the maps

Most of the stuff i miss were eventually changed for gameplay/performance balance so at the end of the day i’ve come to accept them, tho nothing will be more hilarious than when we had monstermost/fastmos and someone would unawarely open an airlock or window to space leading them to get yeet’d to the void, that will aways be a kek moment

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I remember seeing a space dragon smash open a wall and then walk onto that tile as atmos updated. They got near instantly ejected from the z level and looped back to the other side of the station in around 2 seconds. God I miss Fastmos.


Null crates Null crates Null crates





Asimov only rounds


bz farms :pensive:

oh the days where everyone in cargo got their own bike.

also good circuits. I never got to use them much but the world was a better place with them.

and also also, the lack of discovery points and research disks. I like expo but they don’t do their jobs ever. I do also miss when QM had expo radio and a station objectives console when it was first added, thought that was a good idea and a way to add more responsibility to the job


I remember how null crates could just infinitely create griefskys by just opening and closing a single crate over and over


I miss killing mimes for talking


y-you cant do that?

Old space law was better against antags. New space law is better against regular crew shitters.

I’m gonna say sentiment diseases since they just got removed

Oh and I miss when the station z level didn’t loop in on itself, it made space feel so much more smaller than it should


ethereal blood damage nerf :frowning:

I miss the gateway and the autodoctor and the teratomas having brains, I used to put teratomas brain on bodies, there was a particularly funny incident when I was order by the cap to put a teratoma brain in the ssd clown, it hated it and started to call us monsters


autodoctors, the days when everyone had every single implant, and sci was covered in bluespace miners :pensive:


I won’t lie it was mildly amusing watching a fully modded out crew run laps on a space dragon using the flying implants. (Still a very good removal though.)


Strange seeds in botany led to some really neat plant chemistry when it was a thing still


I miss when we didn’t have Nanites

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