What is your highest precentage role played?

no dont post your 50% ghost playtime of 500h

  • Mime 154h (14%)

Fun when you are under arrest but cant say shit.

Medical doctor or CMO too lazy to check rn though

  • Head of Security 34h (11%)

2nd is assistant, although I have 260+ hours in game and I tend to switch it up regularly because I get bored easy.

head of security? cringe!!!

this is me when изображение


I used to have 50% CE then I got bored of it and now it’s 30% and slowly dropping

HoS 14 hours (11%)



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sec, assistant and medbay are the only interesting roles for me tbh, tiding or fighting tiders, or healing the casualities of said tides.

Sec and engi are my favourite
I like viro too

viro is one of those jobs il never understand the fun in

you spend the entire shift in one isolated room away from the station, and any fun stuff you make will get you lynched by the entire crew, on the rare chance you get antag viro chad assistants break into chem and make the cure in 30 seconds.

for real though, you basically play a singleplayer rng game and don’t get anything for it


  • AI 273h (37%)


Viro & geneticist are pretty chill jobs to play on the occasions where you just wanna sit back & relax.
However, i can’t see how you’d play em constantly without inevitably getting bored.

Ghost - 178%
Does this count?

No Ruko it doesn’t

Yay I love 20 char limit

  • Assistant 181h (22%)
    All my others are <5 hours except ghost


Killed bubblegum yet?

A few times. Not consistently. The fact that his drops are mostly memes doesn’t encourage me to practice him often.