What is with the crashes recently?

I know we tend to have server downtime a lot, but now it happens every single day it seems. It’s really starting to get on my nerves. Can someone who has coding knowledge explain this? I thought we improved lag.

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Maybe the multi thread thingy that’s in beta is doing a big fuckey wookey.

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Anyone know the correct version of Beyond to use?


Also yeah I’d suspect the probably unstable beta Byond Build thingy that we have on right now that gives us multi-threading for maps. I also think there’s some funky crash constantly happening with Battle Royale at the moment.

We’re using an experimental version of BYOND as @WhereAmI stated, so that comes with some stability woes. On the prior version we had a single crash once a day or so, on this new build we haven’t had any crashes over the last 5-days as of the time of writing.

The large majority of “crashes” have actually been process hangs unrelated to the beta. After a certain amount of time being stuck, the server is automatically restarted. Good news is that all of our testing may have finally cast a light on what’s been causing those and Lummox believes to have developed a fix which’ll be included in the next test build.


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