What is the most retarded ss13 server?

I’ve heard that there are some questionable servers amongst the ss13 community but never was on one because the only server I play on is Beestation. I used to play on Toolbox Station but stopped as it was mostly low-pop during EU daytime. I’d like to hear what you believe is the stupidest/gayest/most brain-damaged server and why.

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Scalie Station
When I was new and a shitter a friend and I tried max capping them.
Didn’t work got banned
But my friend talked his way out of it and didn’t get banned
God that shit was funny tho.

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But in all honesty shit like ERP servers are ass

yes, scalie is pretty retarded especially after their coupe

but, to counter your claim, fulpstation, where blasmem helmets dont have their cool shit, assistants dont have maint access, and i released viral supertuberculosis and got off scott free

scalie station wasn’t necessarily a bad place

owner and hosts were cancerous though

but i got good memes out of it when it was still LRP


Ok two things first god that’s funny and second what the fuck happend with a scalie coupe

it’s a long story, partner

one that i feel as if I’m not ready to recall for the benefit of history just yet

Can I get a TL;DR
Fuck char limits

Citadel sounds pretty lame to me. Some one hosted a server with their code (I think it was dimas) and spacenarins told me they had a penis size option in character creation.

I think that’s enough to prove what the gayest server is.

citadel isn’t exactly gay, but when i went there for like a week, it left a really fucking bad taste in my mouth

as zesko would know

host is gay, admins leave
host leaves, new host comes, like two admins from old server remain and new admins come
host doesnt give a shit, makes server mrp cuz dumb
one of new admins is underage, hilarity ensues, etc. it’s neverending drama there

Cool that sounds fun

If anybody has a story to share, I’d love to read it. cough citadel


gay 20 char limit

rev round on cit
i made viral supertuberculosis, the deadliest death plague to ever sow death
give it to cap as i often do


barely contain the outbreak with my insane awesome viro skills (this was highpop with incompetent furries in their ERP rooms who aint always wearing hardsuits or internals, aint nothing like vaccinating thirty bee players).

only get a note, for powergaming how deadly my disease was.

meanwhile, windaws is virobanned for releasing a beneficial disease

this was my first citadel round.

Ah yes, it’s not that people died. It’s that they died too fast

They banned someone for making a good disease. Damn they are wack as fuck.

You are trying to save the station from getting fucked in multiple ways? Think again! Smiteth be thy!

Gonna throw my 2 cents in here and say anything with “+18 plus” in the server title is almost always confirmed to be a bad server

PP Station. I see the host on Reddit and he tries to be relevant and cool but fails. Also, shit is gross.

Uhhh. Paradise. Enough said.

Event Hall 1. GOOD GOD the salt in OOC is insane. It’s even worse than on Bee Golden since no one has heard of IC in OOC apparently.

Citadel. Green shifts all the time. Automatic shift ending. COCK VORE. MASTURBATION. FLAVOR TEXT. AHHHHHHH!!