What is a moderator?

Ive heard people asking me to apply to become a mod but I gotta ask, what exactly does a moderator do? Like what does a day in the field look like?

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a headmin is like a HoS.
an admin is like a security officer.
a mod is like a deputy.
a coder is like a CE.

so, basically, they are like in a chain of security team command.
a deputy(mod) will handle stuff themselves as long as they are allowed to do it.
for us, maints, we are responsible to manage the servers, but we are not the subject to enforce rulling (but we’d prolly do that in case of griefing without admin, like a CE would handle an excessive situation). That’s why I say coders are like CE. We are even supposed to ask a mod(deputy) to handle administrative stuff. You know, CE isn’t an enforcer even if they are responsible for a lot of things.


also, less auth means less responsibility. a mod wouldn’t get stressed that much as much as an admin would get.
You know, that’s why a deputy is a thing.

You are basically a ticket machine. Your only focus is on ingame tickets on a round by round basis. You don’t get past round logs and you’re not expected to handle anything involving the forums. (You don’t even handle your own ban appeals).

You do get discord moderation perms as well though.

That would be your “day to day” activity, obviously all that comes with being part of a staff/administrative team comes on top of it.

This is the best description I’ve seen for anything. I’d also extend it to describe the CE as maints with Engineers being contributors.

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By people you mean one person? One particular individual.


yeah that’s correct but I didn’t want to put much on detailing lol

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Mods also have less liberty than admins when it comes to in-round stuff.
They can’t bus nor influence the round outside of tickets.
So no funny sending the clown ERT for mods :confused:

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right they are just common enough to remember but not enough to know who it is

Take two tickets about someone killing someone else in a way they didnt like and then get hounded in deadchat for an hour by peasants asking you to make them midrounds.

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First, you log into discord, where you can discuss in the moderator channels, where they send pictures of oiled up naked men. After that, you get pinged @ahelp in discord. You take your good 30 minutes to come in while you prepare a good coffee and discuss more men in discord. After logging in and getting your mod suit on, you inmediatly open the open ticket and without reading hit the “Mark as IC issue” button, and inmediatly mute the ahelps for the person who opened it so they can’t open another. After that, you scout around the map, and if you see someone having fun you bwoink them. If they dare to say anything but “sorry” you ban them. You log off. Another good day on the job.


But enough talk.


I’m not memorable enough when spreading propoganda huh.

Agreed, also I cant really apply yet.