What features do you hope die a horrible death

For me its discovery points.

I love the research being taken hostage by some chucklefucks who may or may not do their job. (and if one of them is an antag say bye bye to any research)


Discovery points and techdisks.

What the fuck is the point of this shit if no one ever does it? Just more abandonware bs.


Just make a Toxins bomb.
That’ll get you 25000 Discovery Research which is more than enough for everything.

You can also scan stuff for points.
Just give a scanner to the miners and you’ll be done with Discovery Research after they’ve just scanned two megafauna.


That’s the thing though, aint it?

The discovery research role is supposed to be explorer. But we have to circumvent it by both an entirely separate role (scientist) and another department (mining) most of the time.

Toxin bombs didn’t provide discovery when exploration launched IIRC. I thought a continued development was going to follow after noticing patterns and what felt satisfying.

I just want explorer built up further so it’s not such an annoyance to everyone else. It feels abandoned for the moment.

  • You should be able to scan each individual creature, not just one and then never again. Lavaland shouldn’t have a monopoly on creature scan economy.

  • Each explorer should receive a voucher for their loadout (latejoins get nothing). Each explorer should have a discovery scanner by default.

  • Explorers should by default start with a bottomless disk bag for their pocket slots. Solve the inventory management hell.


You can just scan the harvest crops from mutated plants from botany that range from 300-777 points a piece (even works with fruit you get from silver slimes), or just use the science shuttle yourself and go down into lavaland to scan things.

space station 13
more and more features require you to travel off station and away from the main action


So this thread already become a post against explorers lmao, i still believe there’ll be fixes to this.
But atm Explorers can’t get a good reliable income of discovery points early on unless they encounter the watcher and cube (30-40k in total) or they go for artifacts mission (10k each artifact) super early because the current meta is just pray that someone is doing toxins or for miners to scan megafauna

As a side note i think it’s better if there’s a delay on catching up to t4-t5 (besides waiting for miners) so people don’t insta get everything they want 10 minutes into the round.


You’re free to salt about anything else you want


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Cloner and sleepers.


the cloner is so shit it’s noob bait at this point, sleepers shouldn’t use normal medicine and instead use weaker versions of bica/kelo/antox OR work like a stationary medibot that people can put you in to slowly heal you up

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gm miss excessiveuseofcobblestone mittens

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Honestly a couple of years ago we used to spam a LOT the cloning machine but ever since tending wounds and the requirement of synthflesh for cloner were introduced the meta completely changed

I remember back on Golden days on a big messy rounds like Nukies or random murderboner number 1984 you used to have seven-eight bodies on the cloning area waiting for their turn to be cloned

Nowadays? is as bluezorua says, even if you get a chemist who makes a synth factory or you order a synthflesh freezer i barely see it used, i personally only use cloning on very extreme cases which it would be quicker to have them cloned (and they’re needed asap)

If we were still on that Golden era where the meta was to CLONE CLONE CLONE sure i would be completely in favor to remove it so doctors can actually work instead of pressing two buttons, nowadays it’s like noob bait, emergency time saver and ‘‘oohh they still have cloning that’s nice, fuck tg’!!11one’ feel


if they take them and scan stuff


fifteen characters


Discovery points and techdisks. Also xenomorph embryo and xenobio forcewall instagibs. And chasms Q-deleting everything


unfun antag players ;3

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I hate abductors, they are the most unfun antagonist to play around. And clock cult. God i hate clock cult so much too.
If anyone likes clock cult then they have likely only played against first timers.

Watch me spawn in as clock scarab and create the most laborious, infuriating maze/trap that the server has ever seen : troll :

On a more serious note, I think that clock cult is annoying to play for a lot players because it’s so rare that people barely know what to do. Not to mention the fact that people always just break in through the top edge of the map by the void, avoiding all of the prep work that the clockies have done. In a game mode about base building and defense, it is so annoying that the meta is to avoid the main action. Not to mention the Captains who instantly order a shuttle call as soon as a clockie is exposed, which is blatant metagaming.


My main issue with clock cult is how unfun it is to fight. A good cultist will maxcap every department, spawn 300 sentient mobs and diseable every lathe. And it takes SO long for it to be over… Something of the sort can be done, but it should be the crew who builds the defenses (like war ops, you know), otherwise it just becomes a slog.

The main issue with conversion antags using cheese methods (golem spam, space bases, clockcult not converting more than 11 people for two hours) is just beestations push for two hour long rounds. Conversion antag gamemldes werent designed to be played for two hours(its a slog).

Also the fact that security jumps to lethals as soon as first antag is discovered (very fun and engaging gameplay).

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