What features do you consider as a straight up detriment to the game?

the airlock controllers are the bane of every Spacers existence

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Good thing that’s no longer an issue

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Atmos, the SM, Solars, hardsuits, Advanced tools (jaws, drill, etc.), Door hacking, hacking in general, the current research system, discovery research, xenobio, experimentation and artifacts, Toxins, lizards, maxcaps, robotics, drones, Borgs, mechs, Chemistry, chem grenades, smoke and flurosurfacant, epipens, mimes, free health kits at round start, free sleepers and cryobeds at round start, surgery, hyposprays, Genetics, cloning, synthflesh, rezadone, any cure for liver damage, cryoxodone, clonexadone, don’t get me STARTED on space cleaner, cargo bounties, mining, selling crates, selling hypernobilium, mail, mailmen, mailwomen, mailpeople, clowns, Lizards, the QM not being a dept head, the mailman not being a round start gimmick role, the HoPline, the HoP, paperwork, PDAs and IDs being separate objects, the atmo distro, scrubbers, ventcrawling, security (in general), the armoury, the warden, cell timers and space law In it’s current iteration, the detective, the brig Phys, mind shield implants, botany’s instakill plant genes, earthsblood, omnizine, holy melons, punji sticks, lizards, CQC needs nerfing, the chef already has access to knives, the bartender’s shotgun, round start custard pies, Round start costume changes for clowns (should be locked behind research to encourage progression), triple-sec, ling sting, nar’sours, lawyers (I liked when they got changed to internal affairs agents), janicarts, backpack sprayers, galoshes, round start cleaner grenades, bear traps, the janitor biosuit, The captain, command Comms (just use PDA Comms) Asimov laws, paladin laws, crewsimov laws (rest in piss you won’t be missed), antimov laws, upload changing, upload codes, intellicards, chaplains religions (they need so much work), lizards, assistants, public tool storage, engi tool storage, gravity, telecoms, toolboxes, toolbelts, all belts really, and of course,


They have returned. I perish.

aLLLRIGHTY what do we have left after all of this is removed.

We have:
-The construction bit of engineering.
-A giant hole in the station where the science department used to be.
-A slightly more consequential giant hole in the station where medical used to be.
-A janitor armed with only a mop and a dream
-An empty cargo shuttle
-A mailman as a roundstart gimmick role (with no mail to deliver because you removed that)
-Ian having gone feral with no paperwork to chew
-No vents, and therefore no ventcrawling.
-Justice doled out by the chef, who is the only person with a weapon in this new paradigm
-The corpse of the bartender, having been mauled by punpun without their self defense shotgun
-Botany growing weed (some things never change)
-The AI, having gone rogue due to lacking any lawset
-Both cults, having holed up in the chapel because everyone stopped playing chaplain
-Nothing interesting happening in the hallways because all the assistants are gone
-Mentors as the supreme authority

Is this truly the world that you want?



That being said I didn’t complain about the exploration subdept. That can stay.

Asteroid mining sounds cooler than lavaland tbh.
Merge mining into explo.

Exploration doesn’t count, since they’re never on the station to begin with.


Holoparasite that can tank up to five lethal lasers and not even be half health, can kill a human in five hits, and is faster than the average human

I think the better question here is what selective things do you want to keep

People can tank 5 lethal lasers too though… and not even take any damage if they know how.

The existance of corg.

Corg my beloved


IPC moment
critting due to a single hot gust of wind