What features do you consider as a straight up detriment to the game?

multiplayer, clearly the worst


traitors wasting valuable TC to buy anything other than murderboner d-esword kit? IMPOSSIBLE.

Making emp nades on chemistry/ghetto chemistry? wrong server!!!111

But yeah, damaged suitsensors via melee combat good

Thank you for notifying me about being able to stealthfully turn them off, doesnt help that a lot of people love their personal space and will back off if you are relatively close to them.

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Weird/uncommon species Oozeling, slime person and plasmaman.
The problem doesn’t really stem from actually playing the species but rather having to interact with them. Currently there is little info on the wiki for the specified species except for plasmaman, new players or unexperienced players.

Maybe more detail on the wiki pages and a new book in game eg “guide to species” or something will be nice in medical. (e.g simple list for specific chems and actions good and bad for the species.)

It might just be recency bias but I was in a game and gave one of an oozeling pentetic acid for the radiation they had and it basically killed him almost immediately(didn’t realise it was bad for them). It sucks but getting harassed by other players for not knowing, basically ruined the whole round for me.


The wiki is open to be edited by anyone with a forum account so you can easily resolve that problem yourself.

Slow atmos. It’s unresponsive and frustrating.
Any minor plasma fire results in a shuttle call, because cleaning up even a few rooms takes hours, or much longer if time decides to freeze like it always does.


Plasma fires are super easy to clean up with the atmos resin. As long as you have a thorough atmosian with a water tank and a resin launcher you can fix the whole station’s atmos. I know because i once got to fill ALL the corridors on delta with resin in no longer than 20 minutes. Also you don’t know what’s slow atmos until you’ve played on goon. The air there has the viscosity of honey (you are literally advised to run around with the gas tanks when refilling to “stir up” the gases or else they may not fill the area at all)

I feel like that just shows how obselete it is for atmospheric technicians to interact with the atmos system directly. I don’t think that “use the resin” should be the only solution.

There’s a reason why traitor atmos techs don’t use anything but plasma, and that’s because the speed at which gasses spread is just not viable


Oh, and random wires on every individual airlock is just dumb.


The species isn’t the problem here in the slightest. It’s a problem with player mentality, specifically regarding the type of player that acts like they always have and always will know everything. And who belittles less knowledgeable players.

There’s a point at which giving someone a hard time in-character crosses into just being outright toxic out-of-character. Ahelp if that happens.

There’s already a wiki page for the various species. I don’t think it’s all up to date, but the information around oozelings is.

The fact that the only feasible way to deal with highly overheated rooms is to fill every tile (better not miss a spot or you’ll have to redo it) of the room with resin that blocks movement until it’s all individually cleared should tell you how bad our current atmos feels.


Just learn the wires roundstart, get the tools, hack an airlock, learn the test and bolt wires for the whole shift, if you plan to hack into somewhere you shouldn’t be, learn the wires beforehand

Random wires means its different on every airlock per department (At least Im pretty sure its per department, it’s been a bit since I’ve hacked into somewhere I shouldn’t be), not randomly generated per shift like it used to be. So this method just means that you’d know the wires of one department all shift until you try other doors.

Honestly it’s a good change and makes hacking less of an instant AA for any greytider with tools.


Nope, every single airlock is randomised individually, and cutting / pulsing anything will almost always shock you

seriously? Man I haven’t hacked anything in a while. I feel like departmental is a good middle ground.
(Or you could just get insuls like the greytide god intended)


How times have changed, like another person said, just use insulated if you plan to hack, not that hard to get.

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ming and exploration’s fact that we spent 2 entire z-evels for 6 people who just bugger off with little interaction to the station… idea is good in theory but execution is poor.
we ough to merge the two to spare us some crew positions and preformance and find ways to make them interact better with the rest of the station (doesnt need to be as individuals but at least let their exploits be noticable back home)


Revs existing.

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scirnce. I Dont Like It, begone


I aswell dislike the current Research department, all their primary function is “click this button after these two stats have reached this quotiant”.

Make Sci into the IT department, where instead of calling engineering to mess with your computerized stuff your stuff, you call them.
their job becomes making sure all the computerized systems in the station are debugged, defragged, working precisely and working synchronously, meanwhile the engineers job becomes making sure all the bigger, non-computerized or more general purpose equipment is working (Ie the recycler, the chef’s kitchen stuff, shuttle engines) and opperating the electrical grid and reactors/engines.

when stuff like Autolathes, Protolathes, BSAs and other advanced technology shows up, the two departments have to work togeather to ensure the broad strokes and small details come togeather into a finely calibrated, efficient piece of equipment (that in some cases may explode if otherwise)

(EDIT! I posted my feelings regarding R&D earlier on this thread, either one of these would be good but my older post is the one I would prefer happening)