What even is the point of vampires

alright so, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to add a race that can fucking ventcrawl, space immunity, free cuff escape, and what is basically a mix between a heparin sting and the paradise station garrote all in one

like, i was on LRP for a round, as the captain, i sat at my desk in my captain’s office with the antique laser gun, energy gun, and disabler that i spawn with as captain, and i racked up a good 5 kills due to me gunning down all the vampires abusing the overpowered as shit bat form ability to go through the vents and into the captains office, looking for easy loot, and instead getting a face full of my laser gun

it is trivially fucking easy to vent crawl into areas that you really shouldn’t be in, like, oh, i donno, the armory, the AI upload, the AI sat itself, the captain’s office, the bridge, pretty much anywhere vents go

ironically the safest place from a vampire is in virology due to the fact that it’s on a seperate ventilation system which means that they can’t use their accursed fucking bat form to get in, but if youre on a map that has virology exposed to space, like meta station or delta station, the bat form is also spaceproof as well, which means that you can bat form through space perfectly fine

you literally can’t nonlethally detain them because they can easily fucking bat form away into the vents and scrubbers network even while restrained

the blood succ is a weapon in it of itself due to the fact that the blood drain speed is comparable to that of heparin, and literally all it requires is a passive grab

it doesn’t do a carbon lifeform check, which means that AI and borgs who were once vampires can still go into bat form, a wild emagged secborg appears from the vents

you also don’t drop anything when you bat form, which makes them superior to fucking changelings, considering how lesser form makes them drop all their items, but with bat form, you keep everything on you, which could be things as large as a fire axe


bc its a halloween race thats enabled around halloween every year, they’re not meant to be balanced, its tradition

If they’re not meant to be balanced make standing in the chapel or coming into contact with holy water stun them and set them on fire and bingo, problem solved.