What Crew Should/Shouldn't Know about Antags?

In Gerenal, I think all crew should be aware that antags in some form or another exist. But their actual details of what they may be carrying or abilities should be only known to Command Staff and Security.

For example. I’m an Engineer and get called to the Janitor because his APC is not working. Their APC is Dark Blue and malfunctioning. My Engineer is aware that this is out of the ordinary and should be reported to Sec. My Engineer then replaces the board with a new one so the Janitor’s room is fully functioning again and goes about his shift. Now I know that this is a sign of an Emagged APC (door wasn’t emagged and not in a prominent location to be widely noticed so probably not), Ninja (haven’t seen one in ages) or MALF (It was). My Engineer did not know this and did not consequently start spamming “MALF” in chat. Just reported to Sec and let them make the decision.

What do crew know about then? With the existence of the “Xeno Maid” costume and stuff, I think Xenomorphs should be widely known about (but not always believed, like a fairy tale). Blob is questionable, as without prior knowledge, it can be hard to describe in a sentence or 2, making it easier if crew know what one is. Wizard, crew should be aware they exist, but know what their powers could be.


As you mentionned, job should have priority in your character’s knowledge towards antagonist and maybe general lore.

As a simple example, chaplains and Curator are occult professional/nerds which makes them recognise all/most (for the curator) cultist and paranormal activities.


curators/chap - cults,heretics,revenants,wizards,demons
medics,janitors - slauther demon (blood training)
engineers - swarmers
sec/command - all obviously
botanists - space vines
xenobiologists - slimes

would argue the curator would know most if not all from like books and stuff (also they can understand codespeak and the xenomorph language so you’d assume they’d be familiar with the syndicate and xenos)


Why learn a language if you don’t know anything that uses it?

Always good to keep this in mind too

?antags in discord


i find this image… comedic


I had a malf round ruined today because of an Ion anomaly + a tator breaking into Tcomms led everyone to “realize” I was malf.
I had overriden two middle of nowhere APCs but had directed my borgs to be helpful for the present time.

It was deeply frustrating

I mean, everyone knows it’s an “experimental” A.I. there are afew reasons to believe such equipment is behaving in ways that are immediately detrimental or dangerous to the station.

someone may think a rick Astley loving A.I. may be acting malf cause it’s singin the lyrics of a certain song over SEC coms, I wouldn’t, but someone might.

I mean blob is what it says on the tin. A blobby thing. If a box Nightmare has to call it out for you, you know that it’s supposed to be a common thing to describe. As for nightmares, I’d call them “Shadow People” or “Shadowlings” (RIP Shadowling gamemode) or if I’m playing as one of the Hardy Boys, just what the name is.

I always wonder where Lawyers are supppse to lay on the whole knownledge spectrum. Are they suppose to know the same amount as sec even though they are classed as normal crew?

It kind of feels pointless to me since any form of threat is going to be seen as a threat to all crew, not just command and sec.

Exploration missions include blob-ridden derelicts… :thinking:
Same with xenos

Why should antag knowledge be restricted at all? You expect people to ignore someone who gets poppies during a heretic round? The burden is on the antag to stay stealthy

Because extreme antag meta-ing just makes the sec redtext antag super stealth meta even worse


I hate redtext security as much as the other guy but there should be a base level of competence

not even a good example, i get poppies most rounds anyway. Normal behaviour that you shouldn’t be crying valid for


Its not but good enough to tell security to have them keep an eye over them (also what are you getting poppies for)

poppies for poppy pins


Honestly, why don’t you go back to tg with this mentality.


Just a heads up if you try and meta heretics over someone picking up a poppy then you will get banned.