What are your thoughts on bolas in combat?

No, I’m not going to nerf them
  • If bolas are involved, they always determine the outcome of combat. Too OP
  • Bolas are pretty strong and annoying, but not too powerful.
  • Bolas aren’t that good anymore, people just hate how they used to be and still hate on them
  • Bolas are terrible and not even worth using.
  • I’ll take the meme option please, I don’t really care about this poll.

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The poll is asking in general, but I’m asking specifically with regards to Ashwalkers which are the next chapter of lavaland I’m going over right now. I’m improving a lot of their equipment in general, but they currently have this fairly controversial item and I’m considering taking it away in favor of other less stun-oriented options, but I want to get a general opinion first.

I see the only option is to nerf mining again.


Mining does have bolas…

Primitive bone stuff is about to be shifted to ashwalkers for crafting, and rebalanced specifically for their usage

The poll is mostly about whether or not Ashwalkers should keep bolas or they should just be removed because any type of stun combat, even lesser than actual stuns, is just generally unfun in most players’ opinions I think.

This poll will either affirm that belief or correct me.

Didn’t the stun and knockdown get removed from craftable bolas?

What were bolas like before and what are they like now?

Bolas are a very visible example of a more underlying issue which is that speed combat is everywhere. From meth to nuka cola to antag items and abilities. There’s no reasonable way to fight against high speed and there’s no reasonable way to fight when your speed is lowered. Since bolas lower speed, this makes them incredibly busted forever. Let’s not forget temp gun was nerfed.


Couldn’t agree more with this.

Bolas can get fucked either way

Yes, but they’re still extremely debilitating and require you to stop for an extended period to remove them

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psst, mining has a bola

listen to me…close your eyes…you can only hear my voice…



Sorry, like I said poll is asking for the sake of ashwalkers.

Go read a few posts up.

ruko plz it was a joke. im saying all bolas are cringe

Yes but it’s especially cringe if miners lose them while ashwalkers still have them.

Especially if I, say, give them the ability to 5u poison their arrows like I requested when they first got bows.

One-sided bolas in the ashwalker v miner scenario I would be potentially creating is the biggest concern I have.

Out of curiosity do you intend to make any changes to ashwalkers to prevent them from getting completely annihilated by accelerators?

Bolas are a symptom of movement speed being too fast. If people couldn’t outrun projectiles and disengage from any encounter by just meth-speeding away, bolas wouldn’t be needed.

Melee combat is suffering from movement speed being too fast in addition to pixel perfect clicking requirement and all the various click-traps that make you drop your weapon (tables, crates, etc.) or just straight murder you if you misclick (vending machines, so funny and random).

It all comes down to combat by attrition where you infinitely retreat and wear down your opponent, hoping you get lucky clicks on your drive-by while he doesn’t, while regenerating using the myriad of regeneration buffs. It’s why experienced players aim for legs, as it makes you slower, unable to disengage from a fight and able to be clicked on easily.

Bolas force an opponent to be stationary in an instant, resisting out of bolas requires you to stand still, meaning opponent can just do effortless drive-by hits. It’s the budget instant-“stun” tazer that anyone can make.

Honorary mention to intent macros and other bullshit keyboard/mouse software players use to gain an advantage in combat. Try performing martial arts combos manually, then compare results to some regulars.


Press R or hold spacebar


throw bola



Ashwalkers should keep their bolas, I think it at least helps balance with how strong miners are vs ashwalkers if ashwalkers can at least try to limit their movement. Removing them would just keep the fights mostly one sided, because miners still have the advantage when bola’d just from the damage output they have with their equipment



Alongside making primal crafting ashwalker only, the equipment will be tilted toward resistances specifically designed for them and the challenges they face + also cheaper to craft since they have a much harder fight per kill compared to miners who no longer have to be factored into the crafting costs.

Arrows will be able to hold up to 5u of reagents, which ashwalkers will have fairly limited capacity to take advantage of. Grinding plasma and using it on armor piercing arrows would be one of the better ranged options they get without bolas. Throwing your spear technically works, but then you have no spear and you can’t carry enough spears to finish someone off by throwing alone.

Arrow embedding is another option instead, but that might be a bit extreme tbh.

specifically with regards to Ashwalkers … improving a lot of their equipment in general.

See above for roughly what I mean.

If you’re gutting the primitive bone stuff from miners to make them ashie only, you’re gonna remove them from the bounty pool right?