What are some good traitor gimmick ideas

Just drop the best ideas. Let’s hear it.

Bucklecuff some people to a row of beds, use an emagged mulebot to ride over them, become the Western gunslinger villain you always wanted to be.

I heard this one before and built on it for efficiency.

Make 3 quantum pads in maints. Make an arena in space with one central room and 3 side rooms. Make pads lead to the side rooms. Put AA-requiring doors in the side rooms and connect them via remote signaller to open. Make the last door require some access you have. Make sure the quantum pads in the RC side rooms are one-way!

The gimmick: flashcuff or otherwise kidnap someone. strip away everything, then put them in a side room. Once you have two people, host a match between them! Optional: brainwash the winner to join you, borg the loser. Getting the machines to do this is a bit of a hassle but if you can hide your shit well no one should notice anything (Protip make a fresh circuit imprinter in sci for the machines).

1 - abduct ian and randsom him for your item objective
2 - hop doesnt give a shit about ian
3 - abduct hop and randsom him for your item objective
4 - repeat step 2 with the next person on the command chain untill they care
5 - profit


It will just become a cycle until your abduction room/Bs bodybags is full of people

Do not go fo abduction, extortion, selling, etc.

While this is a roleplay server, people have never allowed me to roleplay in those ways, only way to do them is to 100% force them by disabling them or such.

Do not have people at gunpoint or anything like that and expect them to not start a shoving spree with you or dip in maints.

Other than that you can easily get 3 briefcases full of cash and bribe QM to your side, you can manipulate cargo to help you in fights against security, just never reveal you are a traitor and play your rounds off as a victim, many many people would gladly help you cave in some security skulls given enough backstory for it.

Get a syndicate ID and rename it to Cuban Pete.
Get your hands on a lot of explosives.

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Subvert AI
built bluespace pad and camera console and shield generators
Watch crew vanish one by one.

Be expo crew tator tot
Pick nuke obj (you guessed that already)
Kidnap the target
Move alone to obj
Get disk, arm nuke
Bucklecuff the target right next to the armed nuke
Refuse to elaborate further


I invited a friend to try playing ss13 and someone did this to him like 5 minutes after he joined the round.

Yeah he doesn’t play ss13

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