Weight based Mid-round Antagonists

A lot of mid-round antagonist gamers need to get in touch with the crew too. Especially pirate gamers. How often have you seen a single pirate steam roll a full Security team? Hell, half the time they don’t even steal anything. True NRPers most of them from my personal experience.

Hell yeah I’m down for weight based antags, can’t wait :muscle:


This did not adress the issue of “how am I ever going to change that ratio you put on me with your formula ?”
All you did was state your OG post again, man, you didn’t adress anything.

What’s your point with this ? My reasons to care do not matter to this discussion, nor should they justify ignoring my post

Rarely. Pirates are at a high disadvantage vs sec especially since sec has about 5-10 mins to prep before pirates arrive.

Then ahelp. This is not something you fix by code through punishing players who like to observe, this is something you ahelp “Hey these guys are total gamers do smth please”
This premise is false anyways, most pirates do focus on stealing since the ones that don’t/didn’t got reported and beaned.


This song summarizes how I feel about this

i find this idea has soem itneresting well ideas but i feel it is nto really needed. what i feel should hapepn is thats peopel who already rolled a midroudn roll should be less likely ( in the same round) to be able to get another midround roll so other peopel can get them too.


I vividly remember a time when we got two ninjas in a round, and I managed to roll both times.

Fortunately, I suck at antaggaging. And so the flop twins were defeated in maints twice by security


Any formula that becomes sticky once you have a lot of hours is going to be bad, if I have 1000 hours as ghost and 1000 in game because I’ve been adminning, then to have any hope of increasing my weight, I would need to play for thousands more hours.

Ultimately the other 2 problems will be:

  • Always the same people rolling antags, some people are just so punished that they never get to roll antag.
  • The system is entirely opaque and is being used punitively, but isn’t actually telling anyone they are being punished or why they are being punished.

A few months ago there was a very simple PR that wanted to solve this problem, all it did was if I remember correctly is check if the person who rolled the midround was an observer, and if they were, it had a 50% chance of rerolling to a new person and sticking with them observer or dead.

Why don’t we just do that again, it only punishes the observer mains who don’t interact with the game and even then it doesn’t prevent them from being midrounds.

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What if every player had a counter for how many times they had been mid-round, with people with fewer times being given a red carpet?

In hopes of not guranteeing that Noobington with zero mid-round antag picks would get a mid-round, but that they would have an increased chance of getting it. Meanwhile Shadowslime would have a reduced chance of getting mid-round after having 5000 mid-round picks. I think limiting this as well is a good idea so it won’t grow more and more forever and make your chance of getting any mid-round next to impossible.

This might encourage people to not take a mid-round unless they are certain they want to take it though, as taking a nightmare (which spawns every round almost) wouldn’t be as much fun to people as say Lone Op or Morph.

This counter would start from now and therefore not be punishing to any previous staff members.

I believe the main complains back then came from the Admins that were observing doing it’s duties and for players that were observing because the shift was already late and they were just waiting for the next round since they also wanted to have a fair chance to play midround, on the case of the admins of course is when they’re not with the admin mode on, since back then i think we were talking about something that was constant across all rounds rather than per round

Just use antag rep


There’s no point really arguing with this, ambiic is refusing to address any feedback that dismisses their entire idea and seems to be extremely convinced this is an extremely important issue that needs to be fixed by a punishment system.

What if every player had a counter for how many times they had been mid-round, with people with fewer times being given a red carpet?

This is still the exact same problem brought up multiple times, that it severely impacts players who just play longer than others. With your idea, the longer you play the game and naturally get midrounds, the less you get to play as a midround. This is overly punishing and will lead to people quitting bee after long enough of never getting the exciting roles, even as a non-observer.

I put more details/precisions in my previous posts, but none of them were truly adressed, just lightly skimmed over. So, eh, no point in arguing more


ah yes bullying the ghost population into oblivion even though we need them for group midrounds and some antags… totaly wont backfire and obliterate some high ghost count midrounds no totaly


Doesn’t get my powerful mid-round antagonist pick.
Quits Bee.

You and I never seem the agree with anything. Just because I don’t respond to everything doesn’t mean I read it and or take it into consideration.

You’re making it a bigger deal than it is. I’m not trying to remove mid-round antag eligability from you, myself or anyone else.

I shall quote myself.

Jumping the gun and making outrageous claims of me does not contribute to your stance, argument nor benefit the discussion whatsoever.

I think that if the entire thread is people telling you to not do something and the head developper not agreeing either then it’s probably not a good idea


Yeah, sorry for doing what I personally can to try to improve what I am able to do on the server. I’ll stop that at once. :+1:

There is no need to take it that way. Look at the way we all screamed at Ruko’s face when he tried giving us 2 slots in the backpacks. And I was one of them. Ruko is a cool dude, but I would tell him if I think he had a bad idea the same way he would tell me, that doesn’t mean you have to take it as a personal attack or shell up and go defensive mode