Weaknessgaming or something i dunno

Weaknessgaming is the opposite of powergaming what do you think and should beestation implement the rule that forbids it?


No. It’s my God-given right to bumble about and get nothing done. If someone wants to be a fun-hating tryhard, they can set up the SM themself.

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No need for rules as weakness gaming can be easily solved IC by regularly beating up your local paraplegic catgirl.


But actually there are situations like if you pick a character with all the negative quirks and go play as sec you will get banned, so this is the ban for weaknessgaming

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I will excitedly be baited into maintenance murder-traps when offered buffets of shoe and you can’t stop me.


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I love RP damn it, if I see a ling’s armblade out on my screen and they offer to push me somewhere, I’m gonna take the chance :cat2: :cat2: :cat2:


space station 13 is a funny spaceman fart game and the very concept of “high RP” is just a ruse to stop players from having genuine roleplay experiences and instead roleplaying the gmod hl2rp experience of walking around for 6 hours and waiting in line for your ration pack (not good rp)


Why not call it powerlessgaming? (or powergamingless)

Gamingless power? Powerless gaming?

Less gaming power


I once accepted someone offering me a free vacation I won in a sweepstakes.

They had to hit me with a baton to make the vacation pod work properly but it was worth it!

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