We need a definitive ruling on the "this is what my friends call me" thing

I have seen many people with completely bad names (eg IPC with human name) tell me that that is what their friends call them. we need a real admin ruling on this issue.

The names are not allowed if they don’t comply with naming policy. Admins are not authorized to give exceptions to naming policy.

Report them if they don’t seem to be getting noticed.

Or just tell em first that their name isnt up to Nanotrasen Standard, then ahelp if they wont do anything about it

By all means, feel free to direct folks to this sort of thing in LOOC.

What do i do if i forget to switch out of my “Dumb mann” Character from golden and join a round of sage, because one forgot to switch to their sage character before going to sage?

not really gonna an issue anymore

I wouldn’t note or anything if you ahelped it instead of receiving a complaint/noticing it myself.

Admins can just click a button in the VV panel which sets your name for your ID, etc… It’s easy to fix this stuff.

Even if you don’t, it’s not like you get appearance banned immediately. You just get a note which expires