We interrupt your regularly scheduled SS13 to bring you... Maintenance


Every two-weeks @ 05:00 UTC, starting on June 29th, we’ll have regularly scheduled maintenance periods lasting for ~1-hour.

Updates… You like to have them, but you hate to deal with them. What with their pesky required restarts and high resource requirements.

For the longest time we have dealt with this problem on an entirely ad hoc basis, holding off until absolutely necessary to restart services and to perform required maintenance. While this was… OK, for the most part, it was far from ideal.

For one, those maintenance windows rarely gave people a decent heads up, and caused a fair bit of frustration/sadness from players looking to enjoy a round of SS13 on their favorite bee-station, only to be met with a potentially unexpected downtime.

For two, these sometimes spur-of-the-moment maintenance periods required a certain (very attractive) ghost to stay up later than they’d like to. Making them even more sleep deprived and error prone.

So, “how do we fix this??” I hear you ask. Simple. Regularly scheduled maintenance periods. The peanut butter to the honey sandwich of the dev-ops world. The bacon to the internet-BLT. Extremely exciting stuff, and I’m sure a vast majority of you reading this have jumped out of your seats in excitement at the mere mention of such a daring venture.

Starting on Tuesday, June 29th @ 05:00 UTC we will be undergoing operational maintenance for ~1-hour. After that point, every two weeks at the exact same time our services will be put into maintenance mode for the same ~1-hour duration. During this hour, you may experience brief service interruptions and/or slowdowns as we start working on our various services. We may be forced to bring the game-servers down temporarily during this period. In such cases, we will try to provide a notice in-game before doing so.

If you get disconnected unexpectedly during one of our maintenance periods, please do not talk about the round until either: (A) you reconnect and a totally new round has started or (B) the maintenance period ends. It’s entirely possible that you will be disconnected from the round even though it’s still on-going, and we don’t want anyone to accidentally give away details about on-going rounds.

Announcements and specifics for on-going issues or for upcoming maintenance periods will be posting on our uptime page moving forward. If you notice that the servers are acting wonky or if you aren’t able to connect for whatever reason, we recommend checking that page before pinging any staff.


nice, finally some assistant time ;)))))))


Not anymore thanks to you

(I even ate all the blame for this)


So will both servers be down? Or will it swap between first golden, then sage?

Or will it run both servers just not as well

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As you deserve :triumph:

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Oh no every two weeks for one hour beestation may be down. How will we recover?

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ok Bee is down for 1h time to play TDM for 1h and come back after that.

Nice try but I’m still not going outside!


Apologies! I failed to actually respond to this like I thought I did. If I ever have to actually bring down Sage/Golden, it’ll be both instances at the same time to allow the actual server itself to restart. Both instances are running from the same VM; so, if the VM (or the host, more on that in a moment) needs to restart, both instances will need to be brought down momentarily.

This is actually kind of rare, and ideally should only need to happen once a month or so depending on the frequency of important security updates. Plus, downtimes on average only last a handful (2-10) minutes on average if we keep up with them.

There is the other case of host restarts, which would also require that the game servers (and everything else) get taken down for a brief period of time. Thankfully, these restarts don’t actually require me to end the round, as I can simply suspend the VM before restarting the host and it’ll automatically resume once it comes back online.

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