Warning appeal


ADMIN: they have retired and it doesnt say

Ban Type: warn

**Ban Length:Not sure

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 03/09/2020

**Ban Reason: posting shrek 2 full length

**Appeal Reason: i havent done it in ages and it should have expired

**Additional Information: it was about a year ago

I don’t see an active warning with this message.

You have three warnings:

Posting a blatantly racist video in 6h messages (most recent) @Inithis

Pinging people excessively and unnecessarily @llol111

Posting furry art to illicit reactions from people after having it very thoroughly explained that this is not the right community to post it in. @Caecilius

Its been half a year since mine was applied and as far as i am aware you have indeed stopped pinging people that dont want to be pinged.
Just give me an aknowlegement that you understand that and why doing so is bad, and i’ll lift my warning.

Its annoying and i do understand

Neato, sounds good to me.

Unless cae decides to also recind his, you’ll still be on 2/3 points, so take care to not land back in the mines right quick.