Want the logs of the bomb I made on round 8026 or 8027

the story:
there was some silly event going on related to the hotel staff sending bombs or something to the station. Someone asked me to make a bomb and I had only ever made bombs once or twice before. I decided to make a tritium bomb and before giving it to the crew to send to the hotel to blow them up I wanted to test the bomb at the bomb testing site to see the theoretical radius/epicenter and see how many science points a bomb like that would yeild ect.

I had no idea the bomb cap had been removed for this round.

tl;dr I’d really like it if an admin could go hunt down the logs of that bomb so I could learn more about it.

here’s a dump of some screencaps i took

The sprit of Cuban Pete lives on in you… and the bomb you made.

You made us proid boy

Obama? Is that you? You can’t do that obama!!

[2019-10-16 04:39:34.065] GAME: Bomb valve opened in Toxins Test Area (200, 84, 2) with The remote signaling device attached by Kainoa</a>/(Trinity Westcoat) - Last touched by: Kainoa/(Trinity Westcoat)
[2019-10-16 04:39:34.190] GAME: Explosion with size (39, 79, 158, 0) in (Toxins Test Area (200, 84, 2))
[2019-10-16 04:39:37.592] SAY: Stromlin/(Gary Grub) "uhhhh" (Cargo Bay (69, 152, 2))
[2019-10-16 04:39:37.662] SAY: CoffeePanda/(A:12.G.E-L) "WHATS GOING ON" (AI Chamber (214, 143, 2))
[2019-10-16 04:39:38.166] SAY: Whatwhy09/(Sean Jones) "Oh jesus fuck." (Head of Personnel's Office (95, 132, 2))
[2019-10-16 04:39:38.171] SAY: Lourendril/(Cave Johnson) "o shit" (Central Primary Hallway (114, 116, 2))
[2019-10-16 04:39:38.780] SAY: FacePlus/(Lou Greytide) "oh no" (Cargo Bay (72, 148, 2))
[2019-10-16 04:39:38.900] SAY: 146DIS/(C.I.S-2.0) "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" (Command Hallway (106, 126, 2))
[2019-10-16 04:39:39.058] SAY: Phun puhn/(FEMBEE) "Oh god" (Command Hallway (106, 127, 2))

pretty good bomb. :+1:

we should rmeove the bomb cap for one more round :sunglasses:

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remove bomb cap all together


remove bomb cap

do it now

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Lemme guess, you were looking at the suggestions at the bottom of the page ?

Let us spend TC to raise the bomb cap maybe? Even something like 5 TC per +1 square would be fun.


traitor item 40tc bomb cap remover for a single bomb

yoooo you are back :flushed:.
that would be based ngl

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we not only revived the post, but the person behind it


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