Want events? Submit your ideas here: Electric Boogaloo 2

What it says on the tin. We can try to make it happen if it sounds good enough, however we would prefer events that aren’t entirely combat related;

I’d love to hear your ideas! Do share if you have anything in mind.


Heya! I think this sounds great!

However I don’t wanna come up with anything too silly so I ask:

Is there some event we could use as a… Goal post?

Something we could use as a reference or standard?


“This weekend only! We are bringing back your favorite, the classic conversion antag, and the rootin’ tootin’-ist ook ookiest! That’s right it’s Jungle Fever! Get your tickets now!”


Blast from the Past: would be fun to see one (or all) of the ‘old’ antags like revs or gangs or monkeys make a temporary come back.

Greytide: Assistants, clowns, and mimes all start with AA. They are not informed of this and have to find out on their own.

Big trial: the station is tasked with completing a major trial for centcom, judged by an admiral. The prosecution and defense are provided by the station.

Centcom visit: These are always fun, regardless of what form they take

I’ll edit this as I think of more


-A talent show that is completly IC

-The Crimson Ball- A grand ball is taking place onboard the station! Everyone, from the captain to an assistant has come dressed for the occassion. But, behind the veneer of smiles, some of the crew are plotting a bloody conspiracy…
(An event with a heavy focus on RP and intrigue)

-NanoTrasen Rebuilding Initiative- NT’s higher ups have assembled a team of engineers to rebuild previously derelict station. The goals are simple- return the station to its former glory and complete an additional assignment onboard
(Players are split into several teams of engineers, each tasked with rebuilding an exploration ruin, making it sustain life. After this each team has to complete a final objective, such as hosting a party for a snobby VIP, defending it from Nuclear Operative(s) or generating a given amount of energy/food)


I mentioned this in Asay but the Spring Formal event!

All the station crew must gather for the Spring Formal!

Invite a partner to the dance? Get your formal wear, and board the transit shuttle to Hilbert’s 5-star Orbital Hotel for a next-level luxury social dining/dance experience!

CentCom officials will be there, now’s your chance to impress the higher ups with your etiquette and dapperness!

That’s not to say this event will go without any hitches in the road… it is a Nanotrasen event after all! And with all those heads and CentCom officials in one place… with less than perfect security… anything could happen! Who knows if even the crew can be trusted?


Have a celebrity or historical reenactor visit the station to raise morale.

It’d be cool seeing someone RPing as like Ozzy Osborne or whatever. If they die, send in their protective death squad


Perhaps some sort of deep space exploration event? Make liberal use of supercruise is all I’m saying.


How did you post my idea before me, a tragedy

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I’d say that “great minds think alike”, but I’m choosing to say “skill issue lol” instead

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Medieval (fantasy) round ! (Big event)

Something along the lines of :

Rounds plays out as normal except no conventional technologies and each roles have a "medieval counterpart". This'd be a big ass event to put in place considering all of the requirements.

Command staff is Lordhood

  • Captain : Count
  • HoP : Baron
  • HoS : Lord Commander
  • CMO : Grand Maester
  • CE : Master Mason
  • RD : Grand Wizard

Security is the town’s guards.

  • Warden : Warden
  • Security officer : Town’s Guard
  • Detective : Spymaster
  • Brig Physician : Barrack Maester

Engineering is the Mason’s Assembly

  • Station Engineer : Mason
  • Atmospheric Technician : ???

Science is the Wizard Coven

  • Scientist : Practicioner
  • Roboticist : Golemancer
  • Exploration Crew : Adventurers

Medical is the Town’s Citadel

  • Medical Doctor : Maester
  • Paramedic : Field Maester
  • Chemist : Alchemist
  • Geneticist : ???
  • Virologist : Plague Maester
  • Psychiatrist :

Service and civils are the townsfolks

  • Janitor : ???
  • Bartender : Innkeeper
  • Chef : Cook/Baker
  • Botanist : Botanist/Gardener
  • Clown : Jester
  • Mime : Silent Jester (lazy)
  • Assistants : Villager
  • Lawyer : Town Criers
  • Chaplain : Chaplain
  • Curator : Scholar
  • Gimmick : Travellers :
  • VIP : Foreign/Neighbor Lord
  • Barber : Tooth puller
  • Stage Magician : Fortune teller

Cargo is the Merchant’s Guild

  • QM : Master of Coin
  • Cargo Technician : Merchant
  • Shaft Miner : Shaft Miner

Sports Tournament ! (Small event)

The Plan :

Central Command signals to the station that [XXX] tournament is happening soon. The command staff must form a team among the crew they will send to the thunderdome ! The event will be displayed on monitors.

X members in the team ! Violence authorised !

X members are given Karate only to be used during the tournament (similar to chef CQC)

Actually works like real dodgeball with a single ball. Not the one found in holodeck.

Real Holodeck esword fighting

The team and their opponents are given firearms alongside fortifications.

A strong foe. The team is given good gears to defeat it

A menacing shift ! (Medium event)

ゴゴゴゴ :

The basic plan : Half the crew spawns while the other halfs spawns as their Guardian Spirit. Unlucky crewmembers with no one to take on the role of their guardian are given something else

Just a silly Jojo Reference. The whole thing would be more chaotic, for sure. I feel like there should be one objective but really this is just an idea thrown in the pool so it may be picked up and elaborated on, just like the rest.

Please do expand on these ideas if you find them interesting.


The CEO of Nanotrasen is coming to visit! The crew gets informed in advance, and they have to present themselves in the best light possible so that maybe even their sector gets a raise. Meanwhile, a couple of syndicates onboard get the objective to take him out.


-Blood & Clock cults in the same round
-Everyone is Syndicate (Codewords don’t work)
-Everyone is Changeling
-Dragonslaying event: Ninja, Wizard, Dragonborn, and (IDK, Some healing focused thing, like a Syndicate medbot) versus multiple dragons.
-Zombie Apocalypse: Everyone who dies, unless beheaded, arrises as a zombie. The Romerol tumor toxin damage rate is either slowed or eliminated. More zombies show up to the station Via escape pod at intervals


Don t know why you deleted ur comment but i remember Caecilius doing an event like that. Where crew went on an abandoned spaceship with a ghost and then we were attacked by syndicate.
One of the hard thing about this event was the organisation needed to get everyone willing to go on the ship that was going to this other ship.
It was too small and the guys piloting the ship were poorly organised.

Secret Event: Syndicate have Infiltrated Command
After years of work and infiltration, The Syndicate has managed to arrange agents in all levels of Command. 1-All Command start as Syndies (maybe some Syndie crew to help them) Objectives should be around stealing Top Secret Information from NT while keeping their cover. At a point in time at Admins Discretion, CenCom realise that some serious espionage is going down and decide to send someone to investigate, escalating where needed. Syndie Command having their cover blown could force Death Squad to “purge” the station. I think there could be some good RP paths to take with this event.

Station Clean Up.
I don’t know if it is possible, but if there was a way to reply a particularly damaged station. There could be an event to repair the station and bring it back to “good”. Would be an admin spawned shuttle with space suits and repair/cleaning gear. Could be fun fixing up a station and making those improvements you like. Or just have a round where you complain bitterly about the destruction and mess you have to clean up.

You’re telling me you spent ALL the budget on Cat NFT’s?
Station starts with all Department Budget Cards empty and a load of department specific bounties. Time to start earning, hope Cargo can keep up with who earns what.


Moderate meteor event right after the round begins. Crew has to fix the damage instead of just escaping the consequences via the transfer shuttle


There was a double event a few years ago with week 1 having zombies take over the station and the next, multiple death squads sent to kill the zombies. Was a powergaming nightmare. I was team killed because I rightfully had a weapon they wanted and didn’t want to hand it over.

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Would absolutely love this. Extra point if we get the cleaned up station in map rotation for like a week afterward.


Capture the Flag on the actual station. Killing the enemy team is permissible. Everyone gets revived when a point is scored.
Neither base should be in engineering so nobody has a reason to deliberately blow the SM.
Messing with the ore silo or using a max cap isn’t allowed.

I saw a similar post (Doing deep exploration) and thought it was unnecessary. Since its similar to the old times