Voxel models 4 : the legend reborn

@RussianGenCoke, @super12 @WhereAmI
ALL OF YOU MUST PM ME, PREFERABLY OVER THE FORUMS, BUT I’VE PINGED TWO OF YOU OVER DISCORD, SEND ME A NUMBER BETWEEN 1 AND 9, (Super you may be the only one who needs to do this forum side)

I will now produce your long awaited Voxel models from YE OL’ VOXEL MODEL POLL 2
things will be posted SOON.



Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

yo I pinged you on discord in da salt mines

do i need to reapply the spaceman

Do you mean the flesh creatures or?

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Wait shit, I am the dumb I already did topith, I just need to do super12 and russian



had a bunch of stuff to do this week, mostly prep for College which is gonna kick my ass in terms of creative pursuits like this.

FUN FACT, the modern Millwright is expected to know HVAC, Electrical wiring systems, piston combustion engines, steam and gas turbine engines, Hydraulics and pump systems.

I just got all the manuals detailing the Full scope of my course (and for the future, my general use on the job) and MAN i was sorta surprised when I learned I’d be expected to get cozy with stationary piston engines and turbines.

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gonna have an update REAL soon

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Pro tip, picture updates happen quick when you don’t procrastinate your ass off. something I ought to have learned by now.

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eyyy yoooo will have a turnable render posted to newgrounds soon, in the mean time check these out!

(what’s the best way to learn?)

(from experience)

cheers mates, will be back probably in afew days, gotta get used to a college schedule!

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hey I was there that round, dchat was pretty mad about yet another det valid hunting so im not surprise

It doesn’t help that most of my experience with det comes from 0 officer low pop rounds and I’ve never worked with a detective as an officer.

I’ve talked with the mod who did it and we cleared up that I should stick to the officer role.
(as mental complex inducing that can be some times)

Guh, turnable Soon

Now we’re cookin with GAS


Guh gotta get back to it at some point

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