Vouches, Validation, Vexes; on Veyl's Various Versions

Hello, I play Veyl.

I only play mechanical things. So you’ll either see me as an IPC in Science, as a Cyborg, or as the AI. You may also know me from being grumpy on Discord.

If you know me from the first three I’d love to hear from you, good or bad. Unless I yelled at you for tiding into my robotics lab, in which case I would still love to hear from you so I know whose requests to treat as a lower priority next time.

I’m making this thread because I’m going to start playing RD soon, and would love to hear feedback somewhere that isn’t a player report.


Watched you have a human head placed on ur ipc body and get fucking murdered the other day for science. Absolutely A-tier research behavior. Was VERY funny and informative. Keep up da good work and prepare to end up as acting captain and suffer as RD.