Vivinyan Robinson/Mc_meiler Player Feedback

Meet Vivinyan, the blind, paraplegic cat of Golden.

(outrageous, disgusting) I roleplay as a fully blind person on Golden, shocking to some of you, I know.

Usually science, cargo or bartender. Thoughts?

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I like Navy. You must be gettin bored of spaceman game

I like Navy, but this is just a polar opposite done good. The stammering and “…” is well regulated, very fun to interact with! Good job on her, honestly even if she is shy she talks way more than Navy. Not getting sidetracked here, that’s all.

I just wanted to try something different than “mean medical oozeling” for once, that’s all lol

Aren’t emotes mostly broken to blind player’s perception right now?

Navy is a cool oozeling when I see em rarely on Sage though.

Good luck with the blind chara

Yes, and typing *me also doesn’t give you the option to choose between audible and visual anymore :frowning:

Now do this on sage and get called a copycat
proceed to have a catfight with Kiera

Actually, Kiera said that they don’t mind, as every character still has their own depths

We were talking in LOOC about that for a while

0/10 doesnt play lizard
actually a decent CMO
mean bucket of ooze

Y’all don’t get that this isn’t about Navy Nelson but Vivinyan Robinson, the blind, paraplegic felinid (not a Kiera copy I swear)

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Love you Navy, very good player, had fun sneaking around downloading research nodes while you tried to work out if a humanised monkey was crew or not.

You’re probably the reason Golden is getting shut down
jk love you

Seeing a syndicate hardsuit operative on a wheelchair outside my sat broke my heart after all I did for you, even if it is a little funny to imagine a person in space on a wheelchair. You broke my heart a second time when you refused my plan to turn you to a gorilla to circumvent your disabilities.

9/10 though it pains me to see you crawling on the floor yelling “…help…please…!” Every time your chair gets stolen.

I wonder if those disabilities stay as a nukie/wizard.

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