Virus misunderstanding

CKEY: Roosevelt97

Admin’s CKEY: doktorwueue

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2021-7-31

Round ID: 31728

Ban Reason: Shot people on escape shuttle with bad virus syringes, disconnected shortly afterward before it was brought to admin attention

Appeal Reason: The one I was shooting had self-respiration in it. The bad symptom was Macrophage, which, from my experiments on the monkeys, I found takes a very long time to be lethal. I figured if I mixed the 2, I might get better stats for the self-respiration. My thought process was that being able to breathe if someone blows up half the shuttle like usual would keep people alive until the end of the round, and the bad symptoms would not manifest in any dangerous quantities until after we reached centcom, which would in-character be able to cure any problems. I left because it was late and I had to sleep, and I haven’t been online for a few days since so I just now saw this.

Additional Information: I’m kind of a crappy virologist, and I’m not great at making strong viruses yet for good or evil, yet. This was an attempt (perhaps poorly conceived) at making a stronger one that would keep us alive temporarily. I shot myself with the virus too. Didn’t intend to kill anyone (and I don’t think it did, I don’t recall and macrophage-caused fatalities). Sorry for the trouble.

Was anyone actually killed or severely injured? I didn’t see anyone die from the virus, didn’t intend to kill anyone. I’ve been trying to stay out of trouble and help people when I can

Neuter harmful symptoms by isolating them then dropping 1u of Formaldehyde on them or play the rng game and do it on your culture until you neuter what you wanted, neutering symptoms makes them have no effects at all but keeps their stats which would have avoided this ban.

Depending on their virology hours they may not have known this. Definitely going to be a deciding factor.

There used to be a virology policy as well, but I don’t know if/where macrophage fell on it. :man_shrugging:

Just for the sake of clarity, if you remember, please tell us what was in the virus. So far it’s only self resp+macrophage.

Thresholds have a huge impact of macrophage, so being able to do out the math for that is necessary.

I had a bunch of other stuff in there that I think was either neutered or removed. I did try putting large amounts of synaptizine and formaldehyde in it at various points, but I thought neutering it canceled the stats. I’ve been viro a few times but never got the hang of it, I only recently got robuat enough to avoid being spaced by monkeys in the first 5 minutes. I fricking hate those monkeys

But anyway, there was probably some cold or flu symptoms and maybe whatever else was in the vomit I pulled the macrophage stuff from

well i looked at the virus you made and the virus you gave people before the round ended. noth had the unneutered macrophage symptom. but the bad virus was spread made for EORG purposes but was injected into people before EORG started

Did I manage to get the self-respiration to a higher level at least?

ok i have decied to apply a one week viro ban but otherwise lift the ban as you should when you make a virus make sure you neuture every bad symptom and using a bad virus before round end is also a no go.

Thanks. I’ve been trying to improve, my goal is to one day get all jobs mastered and to get my security and head bans removed. (I don’t know enough to be a good head yet but I do miss being a detective on occasion) If anyone ever has any comments on how I can do better, let me know. Thank you for your time