Virologist That Done Badvirus-ed Food Player Report

CKEY: Spacegoat

Your Discord: Cydia

Offender’s CKEY: N/A

Offender’s In-Game Name: N/A

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-30-2022

Round Number: 35767

Rules Broken:
R9. Do Not Self-Antag - “If you are not currently in an antagonist role, do not act like you are an antagonist.”

SOP: Medical - “The Virologist may not, under any circumstance whatsoever, release an active virus without prior consent from Chief Medical Officer.”

Incident Description: The station was simultaneously dealing with active pirates, the confirmed sighting of xeno larvae venting in the kitchen, and then a Blob right after this virologist did this. EORR didn’t list them as antagonist unless their identity changed!

I was a chef and watched the virologist silently walk up to the kitchen bar with a syringe out and injected all of the available food until he was shoved by someone in the bar.

The pathogen they were knowingly trying to spread was a bad disease that caused heat and appeared to be the cause of excessive sweat slipping. Were we lucky the SM blast and surviving crew took out the blob in Grav Gen.

Additional Information:


If upgraded, that trait is really useful in putting out fires and surviving floods, was blob flame type/explosion blob, did SMcause some sort of fire? Any reason he specifically chose to spread the very anti-fire virus?

Nah. They did this before Blob was discovered by the crew so it was just grief - didn’t ask CMO and didn’t ask me who made the food. They just tried to do it and get out.

At best this could be someone who watched Sseth-style video and didn’t know it’s bannable here. So it’s intention to grief or not reading server rules. That’s not a good look even before we look at context.

Then yea his actions were bad, this is a strange case because they most likely knew what they were doing was wrong, since they didn’t outright make a pandemic tier virus to spread.

My guess is that they knew they’d be banned to spread a bad virus, so they weren’t griefing but they were doing a little trolling.

I was the CMO on that round, from my point of view he was behaving like a new player up until Cydia started yelling on radio about him injecting food with a virus.

Before we were all busy dealing with Pirates/Blob my first encounter with him was catching him walk outside of Viro without any protective gear, half health, bleeding and with a red face disease (called Flu), i had to flash+cable cuff him so the Chaplain could feed him Holy Water(the cure) and he somewhat understood that he needed to drink the cure, but replied with very short sentences.

The evidence of an Infected monkey in the airlock and some blood trails pointed that he failed into fighting it and almost died (the disease was spread through blood, so they both got infected)

Besides that he was running back and forth out of viro, sometimes wearing the Skinsuit with no helmet and some other patterns typical of someone who’s not used to the game.

As Cydia pointed out, at best is someone who watched the Sseth video and thought it was ‘‘funny’’ to inject the food with a random virus he made, seems like they need to read our rules and SOP.

I will start to look over the logs for this report, today.

The player in question in this report:
[Jan 30, 2022 @ 23:27:26.616] MAXIS89 \ Shira Bebe \ Virologist \ NONE \ LATEJOIN

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This analysis focuses on the virologist and their actions. The virologist in question was a late join and was not given any antagonist roles after joining. Below are some highlights of their activities relating to this report.

Virologist goes to the Maid Cafe and injects food.

First Incident

Returning to the Maid Cafe to inject more food.

Second Incident

This one is pretty straight forward.

  • Virologist joins and creates virus.
  • Virologist injects food at the cafe and has a minor confrontation.
  • Virologist returns to the cafe to inject even more food.

The virus in question was not particularly deadly but could still be harmful with its potential to interrupt the activities of departments, such as security and medical. This virus went on to infect multiple people during the remainder of the shift. This is a case of grief and self-antag.

Report Accepted

Player history and staff input was taken into account for this report.