Virgin Cloner vs. Chad Revival

Virgin Cloner:
- shit at roundstart
- expensive and time-consuming to upgrade
- people can't use it properly
- doesn't work with power out

Chad Revival:
- easy to obtain
- superior
- no mats
- can be done anywhere
- only one downside
- takes a true chad to use it

i don’t understand
what is the chad revival:
easy to obtain? check
superior? check
no mats? check
can be done anywhere? check
only onde downside and takes a true chad to use it? nope

I meant Revival Surgery but oh boy, you found something actually superior.

Revival surgery requires people to stand there and actually process patients though.

i agree with m’man, people who take people straight to cloning are smoothbrains, since revival keeps implants and augments (see: security, miners, etcetera), its relatively faster, since it only takes 1 minute to do reconstruction and another for revival, and prevents the hassle of using cryo and mannitol unless science upgrades cloning (wich they never do on LRP, on MRP its almost always, though.)

Just have chem do five minutes of greytiding to grab holy water and all the donk pockets, fix up a metric asston of synthflesh, and go around strange reagenting people back to life

Finally, somone that knows the chadest way of reviving somone wihout needing to wait or giving them erectil disfunction.
Truly epic moment

Yeah, very few people seem know about it. When my chemist main friend told me about it, I was surprised it wasn’t used more often.

People are too lazy. Easy as that.

imagine being a lazy doctor

this post was made by cmo gang

for the love of god, do revival surgery later in the game when the RD has replaced all their shit with cybernetics and got shitton of implants

yo sciencia never brings over the good prosthetics to medistan we cant give the crew proper shit when they lose limbs SCIENCIA YOUVE FORSAKEN US

please send good prosthetics to medbay thank you

remember to let daddi hos do implant checkin before you revival surgery

y’all yell at me for “keeping someone out of the round because of validhunting” until i start extracting the storage implant out of unknown’s chest

Did you know that the cmo has full authority to order you to get the fuck out of medical if you mess with the patients? And that then if you do not comply you are a lawbreaker and to be demoted and put in the brig for trespassing?

How about you don’t mess with medicals patients untill they are done with them. That is coming disency and standard medical practice. The hospital heals all patients and the police has no authority over the patients

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve broken the law and crit several security officers for messing with my patients in the past. Something something hypocratic oath, something something, the patient comes first, and security can screw off until I’m done with them.

CMO really needs to assert their authority (and hypospray) when security starts screwing with patients. Maybe chemistry can actually use those grenades they make for once.

It’s actually not breaking the law

They are trespassing and interrupting the work of the department it’s not difrent from you average shitter.

Just because they are the enforcers of the Law doesn’t mean they can ignore it. They serve under the law and aren’t a extra legal entity thus if any department head tells them to gtfo unless they got sufficient evidence to do an arrest they according to the law they are supposed to uphold are to gtfo

nothing like finally getting this topic the attention it needs simply by getting everyone triggered by shitcurity

I just wanted to inform you of the boundaries of your authority as you clearly think you have none.

Btw the hop is before the hos in the line of succession!

To be fair, HoP usually gets lynched for walking into the armory like he owns the place, so HoS usually ends up being captain any way.