Virgin Bartender vs Chad Chef

By me


its the other way around

chef needs sleeping carp just to defend his kitchen, bartender has two measily beanbag shells and smashing bottles to the head to defend himself, one is a lot harder than the other.

Except the infinite shells he can print with a bit of Iron from an Autolathe.

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Bro,smashing bottled to the head is based,but it works both ways… Bartender can smash and can be smashed.Shotgun Is indeed based but 40 secs of sleep cqc chokehold gives you opportunity to not overescalate and defend yourself in a efficient way even better.Also we have Pete and his milk,the only round start animal able to be a threat to his owner, Pete will try to fucking kill chef for missclicking him once,dealing significant damage with each hit.Its not some brain-dead monkey with 5 damage brute bites.Conclusion is chef the only Chad here


Oh, Chef is definitely Chad - don’t misunderstand me.
Bork bork, motherfuckers.

One shift I was playing my Space Ruskie character, who at that point was a fly. Didn’t realize that the Chef accent came from the moustache. The sum effect of this was a fucking incomprehensible stack of accents, which was mildly hilarious.


you should be british irl

Id much rather have chefs CQC than the bartenders shotgun when shitters come and try and destroy all of your creations, thats for sure

Have you considered dart shells and high booze content or harm-meme effect drinks like Beepsky Smash though?

neurotoxin is more robust

its not impossible to hold down the bar, losing your shotgun sucks though; the chef never has to worry about losing his abilities, much easier.

Meh, I guess it depends on how effective you want to be outside your department, and if you prefer ranged or melee.
Another protip, which will feature in my eventual Chef guide - don’t waste your whetstone on a Kitchen Knife. You can hack an Autolathe without a chance of being shocked for a Cleaver, or hack your Vendor for the same, but with a chance of shock. Sharpened cleaver does something in the neighborhood of 20 Sharp Brute, and butchers things much faster.

there actually is a shock wire on an autolathe unless it got removed

based chef steals fire axe and sharpens that

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I’ll dig into the code in a bit, unless it was changed very recently, there’s still no shock chance.

european extreme chef sharpens the captains blade

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I’m mobile for the next bit, so I can’t see if you directed that post at me - but, I choose to take it as a compliment.


We have already established that it’s not milk