ViralOstrich banned by Moccha

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Ban Type:
Game ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
I shot a chemist with morphine
Appeal Reason:
The chemist in question attacked the other chemist and then i watch officer beepsky go after him as wanted. he was trying to hide in medbay from the bot so i shot him to bring him to justice. He then found my body after i died to His Grace and locked me in a locker. then he cloned me and locked me in again. I sent in an ahelp about him and never got a reply other than asking what his name was. I never once was pinged and questioned about this incident. This ban is bullshit as is most things done by the admins on this server.
Additional Information:
Stop being such fucking cucks.

Actaully, the real ban reason is this,

Shot someone with morphine for no valid reason as it seems, ping three times din’t awnser none , appeal it on the forums. Authed by Zanos.

With that in mind, it’s no question as to why you were perma’d.
We have a policy to permaban players who don’t reply, or leave the game mid-ahelp.

We do this so the person who was beaned can explain themself in a forum post.

This ban is bullshit as is most things done by the admins on this server.

Additional Information:
Stop being such fucking cucks.

This is not explaining yourself and only goes against you. Not to mention an amount of other notes that say you’re always rude and aggresive in ahelps.

bro!! i fucking started the ahelp and only got one reply!!! i was there the whole round!!!

Just because you started a ahelp dosent make you immune from other helps which i got about you. And you dming admins and telling that they are lying or being generally disrespectful is only making the situation worse for you. That said when i get home i will get logs from the round.

you said you pinged me 3 times. i never once got a ping other than asking the persons name and i dont even think it was from you! I say in that fucking locker the whole round and never got pinged again.

I apologize for going off on you all. I get heated when questioned about shit because in this game you constantly have people doing shit to you that probably is against the rules and nothing happens. I had reason to shoot him as i mentioned above. I did not see the pings from admin following up on it. I am very sorry for disrespecting admins and i should have waited and calmed down before I got into this.

Also, I will start using my static name so i can be more accountable for being a shit head.

bumping for some kind of decision.

I will unban you, Don’t do this again and awnser the ahelps