Vexylius Staff Feedback Thread

This is the feedback thread for our Administrator Vexylius.

Please provide your thoughts about how they perform.

This is not the place for ban appeals or player reports but you can mention specific events and how they handled it given you don’t try to change the outcome of the case.

You are expected to keep a somewhat formal tone and give constructive criticism. Insults will not be tolerated.

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Who is this guy again?

I dunno, never heard of them

He can take a meme and a ping like he takes his scout leaders phallus

I approve of this Jannie

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Been a pleasure to work with so far.

Click bait thread, enough said.

Stepping down :pensive:

Re-opening since hes back, hooray!

Who moment 2020202020

Feedback me :angry:

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This is a 20 character post

Lol no



This isn’t a 20 character post I believe.