Velvet Wants Your Opinion

Say all the negative things you’ve always wanted to say to me.

You’re okay I guess.

Stop pretending you have a twin it’s cringe.

You’re much more robust than I am and whenever I was near them it felt like I had a big sister watching out for me. Also was always very nice to me and one of the players who actually role played with a background and stuff and would actually have conversations. I know alot of people dislike you but I unironically think they’re a good player.

cringe former ERPer but other than that pretty based

Also going to add that you’re genuinely not that unpleasant to work with as a seccie and you’re not even a bad person most of the time. I’m not going to say you’re based because you have faults cough cough human harm but overall you have landed in the mediocre part of the Hangyul Rating System.

Also I still don’t think headpatting is ERP.

Whenever you are not actively focusing on the fact that you play felinid you are interesting to play with. Other than that cringe and shit and boo.

Erper, forsaked his own owner overral someone who should be gone and forgotten. And playing with you is just generic as fuck there is nothing diferent about you that coupled with your history makes you highly mediocre and forgettable. Maybe drop the felinid stick and go find antoher department to play on ?

general tider and erp main


cringe ERPer



You are a singularity in how you manage to be so based yet so cringe all at once. I don’t recall interacting with you enough to have much of an opinion aside from stuff i’ve heard, but hating on you’s mostly a meme at this point more than genuine malice.
I think.

I’m pretty neutral about you personally.

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rejected their humanity in the name of horny but it’s fine because reprihensible things are a jojo reference


The majority of my interactions with you, since… well probably as long as I have been on bee, have been pretty tame and maybe I am just completely blind and ignorant to everything, but honestly I don’t even really know why people hate you so much? In my experience you tend to play your roles well. At best, you might escalate a situation unnecessarily, but the other person is always meeting you back with escalation, making it proper escalation. My experiences with you in security have been alright, and you are better than a significant portion of security players. Besides your single “ERP” ban, I don’t really see any issues. In fact, the ban itself ended up causing problems when you came back because of notoriety and people acting like morons just because of you being around.

But like I said, maybe I am just totally ignorant of some other behavior that I am unaware of.

If you play that nyan pAI go die i hope the worst of life hits you and your collapses dead as we speak - with love

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I’m not Nyan.

I got lynched because I killed you and the whole station thought it was metagrudge :flushed:

Velvet’s reputation is significantly more destructive than Velvet is. You kill Velvet, people might think you did it just because its velvet. Right after velvet came back off the “ERP” perma, a bunch of people were meta ganging to help velvet despite velvet not having anything really to do with the metagang itself. Bans were handed out during that shit too.

I love patting cats.

Reformed and currently at around 67% based factor

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give me the equation for the based

( v 2 — v 1) /v1 = aDt