Velvet Needs Your Opinion


  • Velvet Pinkawalt
  • Ferris Rider
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One of the last people who knew how to robust (and antag) on Bee.

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Velvet is always very nice to me, thank you for rescuing me from two people who stole my wheelchair and harassed me for 20 minutes the other day with Sherrie

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I specifically remember you playing Captain, Head of Security, SecOff, and CentCom agent all the exact same valid hunting way, which didn’t exactly endear you to me.

You seem to have played less shit roleplay recently, however, and have made an effort to RP, which is appreciated. Please Continue


Shogun called me a cutie, so I’m happy with that

six ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵

I only like velvet


I like the AI name, and you are more competent than other sec players


can you just play velvet?

people playing multiple characters confuses me


no i dont think they can play any character for the next 7 days


I always liked shogun a lot

Shogun is an AI that consistently does more than the minimum, and I appreciate it. Always on top of doors and suit sensor reminders, Shogun is also a very enjoyable character to just experience throughout the round. With fun reactions to shenanigs of the puny meatlings, and concise communication about station threats, you make me happy AI has bigtext when you’re in the hotseat, and I respect that.

gm velvet you are my cat friend

gm sherrie from space station 13