VCALTactician Player Report

CKEY: Gilgax

Your Discord: Gilgax#1777

Offender’s CKEY: VCALTactician

Offender’s In-Game Name: Majima

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04-04-2022

Round Number: 37161

Rules Broken: 9 Do Not Self-Antag, maybe 8 Do Not Grief. Clown’s SoP #3

Incident Description:
Round started off normally for Thorium CXXVII, on the low pop side, no command or sec. Did toxins, whatever. After a while, miner came asking for a bluespace bag while carrying a crate with his loot around. As I gave it to them, VCALTactician, the clown named Majima (non-antag in round end credits), opened the crate and stole the hierostaff from inside it. I thought it was haha, “follow me miner” funny until he started using it in the mainhalls against the miner. I came out, shoved him against the wall, miner took the staff, I took the clowns horn and stuffed him in the disposal unit.

Later, I’m helping the roboticist with the maints protocols on a mech, when VCALTactician shows up, shouting about the horn. Me being the devious little scientist that I am, wanted to see how badly he wanted it back, so I asked him to come around to the main sci area, where I put his horn in the analyser. At this point I was going to ask him for an IOU or a trade or something for the horn back. He proceeds to yell “HELP AI” into comms, AI immediately opens because asimov and clown’s human. Clown then shoves me, while I try to roleplay a bit he starts punching, while keeping up with the shoving so I don’t get up, kicking me to crit, then death, then kept on kicking.

This incident was made worse since medbay had no power, and I, as a plasmaman, was essentially fucked. I got cloned with brain traumas, lack of stasis beds or surgery with showers resulted me more brain traumas, where I became unintelligible, then mute, blind and stopped understanding galactic common.

I didn’t fight back and I was gonna give the horn back. He could’ve even gotten the horn while I was just on the ground shoved or crit and left, but he kept on kicking. I know there was a recent PR where clowns don’t understand the concept of death, but if that means clowns can just murder, consequence free, that’s a bad PR. Especially when this goes against what’s written in bold letters in the clown’s job page.

Oh, and here’s the icing on the cake. The OOC chat after that round’s end:
“OOC: VCALTactician: with my clown tonight, i’ll prolly get banned”
“OOC: VCALTactician: i enjoyed pissing people off and laughing”
I suggest reading the rest of the OOC chat, by the way.

Additional Information:
A chemist was also injecting people with drugs with no consent, including brain trauma riddled me and the actually good doctor trying to save my ass.


Looking over this now.

Alrighty. First thing I notice…

ATTACK: VCALTactician/(Majima) has kicked Gilgax/(Thorium CXXVII) (NEWHP: -428.9) (Research and Development (148, 127, 2))

The miner was kicked into -430 health. Even with the clown not understanding the concept of death, this should have been very obvious to anyone.

There are no logs indicating the miner fought back with lethal force. All they did was steal the clown’s horn, to which the clown responded by kicking them enough to kill the miner over 4 times over. Very clear case of overescalation.

While being a clown permits you to cause chaos in oder to prank people, you are by no means allowed to break escalation or self-antag rules.

I could put the entire exchange here, but it is indeed rather uninteresting, as it’s 95% attack logs of the miner being kicked further, with a few say logs from the clown in between, saying to “return the horn”.

Report accepted

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