Varisia Lote/Berengar Beeblebrox Player Report

CKEY: howluinb
Your Discord: Howluin31153#1759 
Offender’s CKEY: ?? 
Offender’s In-Game Name: Varisia Lote/Berengar Beeblebrox 
Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage 
Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09/09/21 
Round Number: 32576 
Rules Broken: Rule 1 : You must Roleplay 

Incident Description: This will be a lengthy one, apologies.

I was a ling engineer, who (very luckily) found a tator pie cannon in maints. I used it to bait the captain Varisia Lote to a secluded location and crit them - at which point they, obviously, died. A medic, cleans-the-messes, arrived on sight less than 20 seconds later, grabbed the body while asking not to get killed and ran away with it, which i just let happen.
A bit later, after them calling out for me while i steal the plutonium core, I find HoS Berengar Beeblebrox, whom I shoot and try to crit, to, once again, steal their gear. I manage to crit them, and at that point, somehow, half the goddamn crew tried to validhunt me and take me down - i had to pie like 10 people while screaming to back off or i’ll have to use lethals. I decided to run away after a bit, and gained a fair bit of sympathy from the crew due to, basically, not murdering people for no reason.

Now for the actual shitty part :

After escaping and going around, I hear a call for a meeting of heads. I decide to head to bridge, announcing that I would arrive on comms a bunch of times. I enter cap’s room, to which she instantly shoots me - I pie them once, tell them to stop and that i’m here to talk. They tell me that I should go and “barging into my room really isn’t the best idea”. Fair. I head out, say hello to the RD and start typing out demands - at which point I see the HoS.

Instantly, he decides to take out batong despite knowing I came to talk. I beat his ass fair and square, without hurting him - at which point he gets back up, cap arrives, and they BOTH start trying to take me out AGAIN, attacking first on both occasions. A bit understandable, though - I did crit one in maints and kill the other once.

I beat them to crit, again, and let the RD revive them, asking “Are you willing to talk now?”
Normally, this would be the part where any sensible roleplayed character would finally listen, knowing they’re actually facing someone who will kill them if it has to come down to that.

HoS simply tells me to talk. I ask for simply being allowed to leave on the escape shuttle, and not being arrested.
HoS tells me no, begs for AI to bolt bridge and lock me in with them, and makes a shotgun sec enter with the cap, so that all three can beat my ass, which they nearly manage to do, out of nowhere, while I was debating and offering an actual interesting roleplay opportunity.
From that point on, it kept going worse and worse. The crew outright defended me (to them, i became a pacifist once i finished my objectives and they didn’t want to make me angry either), the AI was doing AMAZING roleplay (trying to find solutions, compromises, you know, actually roleplaying what it’d be like if some strong guy just came and asked for a meeting)

and meanwhile, cap/hos were CONSTANTLY on the hunt, CONSTANTLY yelling to KILL me and get rid of me, to dispose of me with extreme prejudice, despite only fleeing/defending myself outright and always offering opportunities to discuss/negotiate.

(Me and cap encountered once more, too, by luck for cap, where all they did was try to pie me and call all sec to engineering - then when i escaped through hand tele, asking all sec to head to medical which was were the hand tele supposedly should have taken me)

They even went as far as ordering security members to go in EVERY pod and make sure I had NO WAY of escaping (and they definitely know I could have taken them on, basically sending people to a possible death for no valid reason when a deal could just be made)

Finally, on the escape shuttle, I board with no weapons in my hand, talking with the crew - solely to find the cap rushing to me with a lethal energy gun, shooting at me (despite bystanders risking to get shot) followed by yelling on comms that i’m in the shuttle and all officers need to come, followed by a very dumb fight around the shuttle, being a tiny bit validhunted by crew but mostly lethaled by cap/hos constantly until they finally get the upper hand and manage to kill me.

Except, i was a ling, so I just woke up and tried to get my backpack back from them-which they used as an opportunity to once again fuck me over, sending me to the station through hand tele.

Additional Information: While it was very fun for me to handle all that and fight them, I have no doubt that a lot of people would have died the second they decided to do a “diplomacy” gimmick simply because le validhunt unga.

It is in no way okay to roleplay a “Vengeful Bitch. LITERALLY KILL HER.” as captain (their words, on Discord), or say “they attacked my security team so they have to die” (especially since apart from hos and cap once, before the whole negociation started, i never attacked first) Nor is it okay for these events to even transpire that way - they are human beings not player controlled avatars. Their deaths mean something, and coming so close to that several times should make them actually, like, try to roleplay and not validhunt.

The way they acted was much more equivalent to a bloodthirsty mute mime whose only words are “help explodes (location) come kill” than that of an actual head of station, concerned for their health AND the health of their crewmembers.


Varisia is the most bloodthirsty HoS/Captain I have ever had the pleasure to serve with. She executes every single antag she gets her hands on, refusing to perform even the most cursory of interrogations and defaulting to lethal force as a rule of thumb.

I once watched her take a tator tot assistant we detained and were in negotiations with into the Security Hardsuit SSUs and attempt to figure out how to hack it for the better part of a minute.

I apologized to the assistant, pulsed the safety wire, and watched as Varisia carried out the execution sentence by locking them in the SSU and setting it to decontaminate. If you’ve never seen someone get fried before, it’s absolutely amazing. It starts glowing red and flashing yellow, the guy inside screams perpetually, it does like 15-20 burn damage with each pulse, it’s absolutely brilliant, 10 out of 10.

That’s the thing though. It was pretty great the first few times, but she does this every shift.

Not the worst HoS/Captain I’ve ever had, but if you want to actually roleplay Varisia is never a good Head of Staff to attempt it with. Her bloodlust is simply too strong.

She also has a bad habit of running headlong into danger as the Captain without backup and getting killed for it.

I wasn’t personally there to witness it, but I also remember security chat being full of fellow officers screaming about her gunning down a guy in a wheelchair while 3 of them were detaining him nonlethally.

Varisia is incredibly bloodthirsty. She will kill anyone under the slightest veneer of a legitimate reason.

I remember one time we were pursing a changeling on Lavaland, alongside several miners. We lost half the entire security team. He used Last Resort and bit my corpse.

One of the miners was trying to save me by beheading me so I could be revived. Instead of allowing him to do so, Varisia dragged my corpse away and chucked me into a chasm.

Varisia does not care about the crew. Varisia does not care about her own Security Team, to the point where she neglects to even recover downed officers with suit sensors on.

All she knows is that she must kill, and that the twin roles of HoS and Captain provide ample opportunity to do so.


Hey there, I can confirm Varisia was acting like a murderhobo “mime” that round. I was the Nightmare that round, despite the player saying their character is “a vengeful bitch and that you must kill her”, I didn’t attack them first, nor their security team as they weren’t present in my first moments. They just straight up rushed me to maints with the Antique when they saw me, without backup when they left the well armed officers in engi maints alone when I retreated to chapel maints n departures, Varisia almost got murdered by my blade only to be saved by Berengar, the HoS. My chances to survive the round were extremely low when light eater code is broken, so I was observing like half the round IIRC.

As far as I’ve seen and heard about her, she doesn’t care about fun interactions with antags with gimmicks to progress the round, she just wants to execute and kos because valid man must kil, separated from the rest of the Crew and Security only to rush suspects in Maints with her sabre, or even blocking Security’s firing line when they are trying to disable the suspect by using an energy gun.

Berengar Beeblebrox is actually a pretty cool dude, this was the first time I’ve seen them as HoS. So they probably were new to commanding people around. Probably he was stressed or even confused for the nightmare, tiders, tots n lings and the crazy ass crewmembers hunting le valid in maints. Oh also I think they were trying to revive Explodes once they killed them in the emergency shuttle without realizing she was actually a ling?

Anyways, Varisia Lote is a known Command player, or atleast they only play command during the times I am playing. They should have taken some time to listen to Explodes and understand atleast a bit of the situation… Rather than go on a rampage wordlessly, Cappy is a RP role after all.


Okay, initial thoughts based on the report as written. For the most part the biggest issue that I see would be SOP and Space Law regarding lethal force. Ultimately that winds up coming down to the “armed and dangerous” clause, which time and time again you’d been proven exceptionally dangerous.

Reading into the OOC comments in discord it’ll depend on reading the IC dialogue.

For the most part it sounds like Berengar was at least moderately willing to interact, but may have been swayed by the captain’s stance on the situation.

Howdy folks, Berengar the HOS here. Right, for my version of the facts:

Explodes-Herself-Alot had been set to arrest following crew accusations and if im not mistaken, fingerprints found by the detective. As I went into maints to look for the captains sabre which she had dropped after nearly being killed by the nightmare as well as for the nightmare itself, I spot Explodes-Herself-Alot and notice shes wearing security gear. As I attempt to arrest her Im jumped by her associate and the two of them start attacking me and a firefight ensues, which I eventually lose and end up dropping my personal pistol which they proceed to take. Luckily for me, I am saved by the aforementioned dozen crewmembers which are then all taken out by a traitors pie cannon.

Once im back into shape, i hear reports of the captain being killed again and call for the meeting of the heads, which Explodes-Herself-Alot asks to participate in. Fun fact: she has the captains headset so her radio-text is the large one so I just assume shes some random head i hadnt met yet so I just say yes. Once she waltzes into the bridge as Im about to declare a red alert alongside the RD i basically start blasting.

Yadda, yadda, yadda… She makes her demands which basically are to be allowed to leave the station in peace, which - since she has loads of high-value items; is in the possession of AA and used lethal force against two heads - I naturally object. Another firefight ensues and she escapes using the hand tele. At this point we exchange bravado until the shuttle arrives the station and once it does, ANOTHER massive firefight ensues within the shuttle and, after unloading a whole box of flashbangs, we eventually subdue her, and the captain eventually kills her.

I found that this round was particularly fun and you were exceptionally robust in it, but, as the Head of Security that was faced with an exceedingly dangerous terrorist that had stolen pretty much all of the stations valuable assets, I believe it is reasonable to assume that I would stop at nothing to, at the very least, detain you.

Thank you for reading this essay.


Her issue with you wasn’t that you didn’t accept her deal, it was that you were basically under a gunpoint tied up to a chair and you disregarded RP because Im HoS i cant rp with valid.

You knew she was strong with high tier gear and could practically kill anyone she wanted, yet you played a solo story game and disregarded her capability to harm your crew and station because of your ego.


Alright, I’ve got no issue on how things went down with @FleshGordo.

I’ll aim to get Varisia’s thoughts in the next few days.

As for overall conduct in the logs. I will say that Varisia could do with being a little bit less gun happy, especially as captain. My main key note to this is flashbanging the meeting between HOS and Explodes without even pondering “why the fuck isn’t HOS kicking this guy’s shit in.”