Validhunting, Powergaming Assistant

In-game report:

Unknown Player Report

CKEY: Person4k3

Your Discord: hilarious#8876

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Clark Llora

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 7-16-2022

Round Number: 39322

Rules Broken: Rule 2

Incident Description: Me and another clown stumble upon each other in disposals, and I see he has a red suit on. I’m also a traitor, so I team up with him. We and a ling we found in maint make a plan to siege the armory to gather some guns, and it goes well for a while. Until, that is, I go into maint to lure the hos. I shove the hos against a wall and crit him, and then all of a sudden, this random assistant named Clark Llora comes out of nowhere and beats me to death with my low health. Later after killing me he loots my northstar gloves off of my body and equips them. Later asks AI to “Set maint to emergency access so I can be a vigilante”. Spends the rest of the round using my gloves. Big validhunting and powergaming.

Additional Information:



Yep that’s basically what happened. I went to the brig cause the AI said clown was in the armory, I figured it was clown ops cause the big voices where calling for help. Went there and fought a dude with a pot. After I killed em with HoS I stole his northstar gloves and ran around in the Owl costume pretending to be a superhero. Never ended up fighting anyone else, got set on fire by a bot, lost the costume and eventually gave the gloves over to sec.

Specifically I went there because of this bit of text right here.

[Common] K.A.T. states, “THE ARMORY.”

The Medibot tends the wounds of Carla Alvarez!

The Medibot is trying to tend the wounds of Carla Alvarez!

You drop the potted plant.

[Common] Curium XVI rattles, “Funny clown.”

The Medibot declares, “Wait Bill Hunt! I want to help!”

The Medibot places its tools back into itself.

You grab the potted plant (Wielded) with both hands.

Carla Alvarez sneezes.

The Medibot declares, “Wait Kurt Hairpin! I want to help!”

[Common] K.A.T. states, “SO IS THE CLOWN.”

[Common] Kurt Hairpin says, “CREW GET TO BRIG.”

[Common] Kurt Hairpin says, “GET IN.”

Lizzie Morlon feeds Bill Hunt something from the epinephrine bottle.

Bill Hunt attempts to remove the handcuffs!

[Common] Kurt Hairpin says, “WERE ABOUT TO ALL DIE.”

Stealing antag gloves and then hunting for antags with those same gloves is both validhunting and powergaming

Eh, I’m not gonna comment on stuff after I took ya gloves. I just think the armory fight was itself fine.
I’ll let an admin judge if I was being too rulebreaky after, I like being the owl.

Also minor fact check I’m gonna mention cause I think it’s funny, and it makes me look bad.
I didn’t steal your gloves later after killing you, I was trying to steal your gloves immediately after killing you. The rat part of my brain desired them, and them alone, but the HoS started moving your body before I could nick em off your corpse. So you could say the process of stealing started immediately.


My ultimate justification is that I was in goblin mode, and high off the adrenaline of murdering a man with a potted plant.


I did not mean to make you look any worse by saying you stole them later, sorry

Was dead so i saw the whole situation, pretty much what was described, as the copy-pasted chat log says, Cap begged for people to help because the antagonists were at brig shooting Captain and he only survived because HoS arrived like 30 seconds before the fight started at brig, there were no other secs, we only had a detective, who died and was on prison cube and a deputy chaplain that perished in the fight the goblin mode of Clark was probably encouraged by Cap and AI yelling in distress across the whole situation

No no no, I think it makes me look worse by saying I stole them immediately, I think that’s funny.

Oh, well, to be fair, you took them immediately, but began using them around 7 mins later when the whole armory siege was over. Also, slight correction, the hos was in crit, impossible for him to move my body before you could nab my gloves

I swear someone moved the body so that I couldn’t get em immediately, cause I know I wanted em immediately. Might have been a different cop, or I might have tried healing em first. My memory is bad.

it’s okay :pensive: at least you admit to valid and powergame

I admit to all my crimes, can’t have someone else claiming em. And lying is just dumb.


I enjoy being the horrible little internet goblin I am, which includes when I break the rules. Either by mistake or on purpose.

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I still hold true to my principle that I prefer death over arrest, and will detonate the suicide bomb anytime I am arrested. I also often carry a suicide bomb. Had to stop carrying suicide bombs on nonantag rounds because of it.

can an admin take care of this pls

It can take weeks to get an admin reply they have a lot of other reports / real life goin on

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I was the changeling that grouped up with the clown tot to raid the armoury this round. I remember on the radio the mention of keeping the North Star gloves and mentioned (as the brig physician) that keeping traitor property is against SOP. I think this is partly a failure of command and security, letting the gloves be taken for use by an assistant