Vaild hunting chaplain UknownCkey Salty borg report edition

CKEY: Buckettlord

Your Discord: Not in he beecord

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Bolts-The-Screw

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/18/2022

Round Number: 40912. If not that Try Sage round before 40913.

Rules Broken: R1,R2,R3,R8

Incident Description: So I’m Taking apart computers as per my ion law tells me to. The Ai says bolts-the screw, was fixing the computers And i might need to dispose of him in rnd. I was late so i just took it apart again.
Some times passes i notice the teleporter computer i go to disable it. Bolts is there. He chases me with the intent to kill. Ai manages to shut fire locks infront of him and i repair. and i head back to do my Ion law Dismantle computers. Bolts was there and this time he didn’t quit. Chased me around half of the station for a solid 3-5 minutes i feel like.(may be wrong on the time). Anyway i get killed.
Observed him and was not an antag.

Only thing i did was Take apart computers and If i’m correct i never attacked first, I did get one welder hit in before running i think.

Spent a lot of the time as a brain in his pocket. Salty and just telling the AI what they was doing.
Also found out later When i was still a borg he tided into RD’s office When we had a captain. but since he had no access to lock me he decided to just kill me.

Extra info. The engineer JRD-702, somehow had the Ion gun and was assisting the chaplain into breaking into the upload.

We had a warden. me and the AI harmed no one. Untill after I was attacked by bolts. and killed.

Also miner-5555 broke into the AI-sat? I remained a brain the whole time so i don’t know the details there.

I ahelped 4 times. Those ahelps has some info i might have forgotten in them(I typed them out quickly and fast so they poorly Written)

Sorry for the poor Periods and Commas I’m shit and don’t know when to use them properly


Action taken against the chaplain and miner. The engineer’s involvement was much more minor and under the circumstances I’d say largely IC.

Also avoid the salt next time please. I get being frustrating, but it’s just not needed, even if it was fairly tame.

Report processed.