V2 Holeyshoez banned by Archanial

Title: Holeyshoez banned by Archanial

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:

Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2020-12-01 18:44
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Appeal Reason:
Took a break, moved to TG & FULP, would like to have a chance at bee station again. Not sure if I can provide hours/records from other servers but should have a bit of time without any other bans issues on them.
Additional Information:
Initial appeal. “Looking to get the Perma lifted. Was initially banned from Botany for throwing a harmful plant on LRP server, and thought I had served my time for that. Didn’t think it was a perma ban. When I logged in today, I thought that since my new VPN active that was why I wasn’t able to log into Byond at all. So created a new account and it worked.”

Sustained permanent bans require a vouch from another reputable server before headmins will consider lifting them. Do you have a vouch?

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Is it possible for you/admins to reach out to the TG admins? They mentioned there’s a shared discord? Otherwise I’ll reach out on my end.

Ask an admin on TG if they’d be willing to vouch for you. If they are then headmins can reach out to them to confirm it.

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The ban had been originally placed by someone else, I just banned evading account.
I can’t handle the ban, it’s up to seniors.
But it would be nice if you answered the question from previous appeal and say which accounts are you.

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Big sorry for letting this appeal stay in limbo for such a long time.

Now,so that we can finally resolve this, do you have a vouch from a reputable server?

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@holeyshoes Pinging as you might’ve missed the post.

Hey sorry! Haven’t had a chance to get it done due to IRL priorities. Will see if I can pin someone down this week. Thank you for the ping. If you need to close I’m more than happy to reopen when I get a chance.