Utah Remer/ YOUR UBER DRIVER HAS ARRIVED player feedback

Tell thy if I skit the line of shitter

Literally who?


it seems my infamy does not precede me

I know who you are. I just like making that joke.

You are fun to be around and relatively knowledgeable. I probably wouldnt want to face you as an antag though.

Gave him AA as a clown one day, was hilarious and nearly won the entire round.

I actually won because my objective was to crash the server with no survivors

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I sharded you as chaplain traitor once that was funny

remember you hypno flashed people on sage, I was actually based and didn’t scream over comms, UTAH REMER TRAITOR

Good to work with as shaft miner, can sometimes be hostile for no real reason

Fun person to shitsec on. Plays along rather than being a shitter.

you stole my bloody greentext with that fart stunt, and i will never look at you the same way again
other then that, you seem like a cool dude

its not about the greentext its about the friends we made along the way