UrgBlurg banned by YoshimiWasTaken (complete with a vouch)

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Server Ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date:
2021-07-13 13:32:32
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
“What are you doing?” “Being evil” Low hour account going Scientist and right to toxins, picking a fight with another scientist. Already proven to be a recurring problem on other servers.
Appeal Reason:
Okay, well first off. I shall say the rules I broke at the time of me griefing;

Rule 1. - I did not roleplay one bit, just attacked a scientist for no reason.

Rule 3. - I did not do my job once at all, I remember putting on a space suit for no reason and looking for someone to kill.

Rule 7. - I started to attack someone and ruin their round by distracting them and killing them, which was not being excellent at all.

Rule 8. - I griefed and attacked a player with the intent to kill.

Rule 9. - I attacked someone with a saw, trying to kill them while not being an antagonist. So I was being a self-antagonist there.

I have stated all of the rules I believe I broke at the time of me griefing, please tell me the ones I may have missed.

Now time for the appeal.

When I griefed on bee station, I was just about 2 weeks playing ss13 at the time.
So I had no clue that servers had rules and I didn’t even understand what the term “antagonist” was.

I just thought for some stupid reason, that you could act like a bad guy for no reason since I knew ss13 was a RPG. Hence why I said to the admin, “Being evil”, I did not mean to sound cheeky or rude in any way. I just believed that I was allowed to do that, and completely understand now why you thought I was a griefing account at the time.

It has been about a year since I have been banned and I have learned how to be a better player on ss13. I know now there is rules for every server, which I make sure to read before I join them, aswell as having common sense when playing and not to act like a dick to anyone.

You said in my previous appeal, that I would need a vouch from another server, I believe YogStation or perhaps maybe even Paradise Station would vouch for me.

Then again I am not entirely sure of their opinion of me. Being honest, I do have a few notes on YogStation, and I was banned from Paradise once for valid hunting. I did appeal after I got that ban, so there’s that at least.

I am deeply sorry for ruining that scientists round back then and acting like a 3 year old in my previous game ban appeal.

Thank you for your time.

I have a vouch aswell from the game admin Norwest from Paradise Station.


Aight, i’ve heard back from paradise. A decent-medium amount of hours, with no notes.
This appeal is pretty much the same as your last one, but i dont realy think thats an issue since its still pretty good.

So yea, why not. We’re a roleplay server, so keep that in mind and we’ll be aight.
At minimum you’ve demonstrated you aint a common griffman, so i’ll be unbeaning you shortly.

behave this time around and have fun