Update the changeling objectives

seriously dude why do I have to kill the AI, kill the hos, kill the bartender and take his ID, while also escaping wearing that ID, and get more genomes than all of the changelings on the station (these were literally my objectives for my latest changeling round)

sounds like a skill issue

It all makes sense to me;

You’re contracted by the Syndicate (throught the Tiger Cooperative) to take down a high profile centcom official, who always enjoys a drink or two at the bar, but only accepts drinks from his his old pal the bartender.

So you need to be that specific bartender to deliver him a deadly cocktail, but there are two things that could mess things up.

The AI who oversees everything that’s happening where even the best slight of hand will be too obvious and the HoS with a keen eye for discrepancies.

And lastly, you need to make it out alive after the deed is done, this is where the insane amount of genomes come in play to escape in plain sight.


this man is a genius

it truly is all coming together

Have you tried completely ignoring your objectives?