Uohuo Permanently Banned by Bloons3 Suggestions

CKEY: Uohuo

Admin’s CKEY: Dallen9

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: All servers.

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 6/26/2020

Round ID: 17707

Ban Reason: Bypassed filter for inter-server message, appeal on forums. Given that this was done specifically to spite the filter, don’t expect leniency. “1[04:25:07] Uohuo/(Grishka Bogdanoff) (Bridge (100, 133, 2)) “Following this change, in an effort to keep all of our policies unified, we will be re-instating the IC filter on Golden. This change will not be immediate but will happen within the next week. At which point the usage of slurs will be entirely prohibited across our platform.””

Appeal Reason: I didn’t bypass any filter. There was no filter set in place, therefore I could send that excellent message with no hinderance by any filter. So why do you blame me? Just unban me and let me have the right to say anything I want, I am not from America so I don’t really care what little baby words you consider slurs or not.

Additional Information: Pretty interesting how you used the latest announcement of the discord furry mods on their website to force this cancerous new rule on the byond server.




A based appeal indeed.

But as based as this part is,

That’s like saying , “Just let me ERP. I’m not from BeeStation, I’m from Citadel so I really don’t care that you don’t like me ERPing in dorms.”

There is no filter on Golden yet, but we have long enforced sending cross-server messages. If this was truly done in protest of the filter as you say, I think it should stick. I would normally be in favor of another chance, but based on the appeal I think it’s safe to say it’s just going to happen again, since he really doesn’t care.

@bloons3 resolve please?

I’ll move it to a month ban from the time it was applied, so unbanning them today.

I do want Uoho to acknowledge the filter and that they won’t try to bypass it again.

Any game admin can remove the ban after they reply.