Unrobust greyshits guide to being a bit less unrobust: part 2 electric boogaloo

i am back, back again to teach you how to be atleast semi-robust

if you want my original guide its here: Greyshirts guide to easy but weird murder

well kids, are you still pathetically unrobust? well don’t worry uncle jimmy is here to teach ya how to beat up security or get them hurt enough to run away

so tip 1. is to ALWAYS try and dupe when they are near, its easier in a crowded area or with friends (greyshirts unite)

tip 2. don’t use tools, I dont know why but people always try and use tools when fighting, normally pocket crowbars, unless there is something I dont know they barely do any damage (unless its a big crowbar then they are ROBUST)

tip 3. unarmed is pretty good, a good shove, grab is better than some shitty crowbar

tip 4. when hovering your mouse over an item your holding it will tell you a rough estimate how much damage it does, so unless its a ranged weapon or has some effect (i.e. stun) don’t use any weapon with low damage use hand-to-hand

tip 5. use weird stuff, no one expects a greyshit to shoot an instant lubegrenade whle holding it, or releasing 20 monky cubes and using a fire-extinguisher, use stuff wich is weird and no one uses, surprise always will be your best weapon

tip 6. try and escalate, this is a self-defense guide not a murder guide and I recommend trying to not use violence first, if you can at least, if its just a bar fight, you can stop it but don’t try and escalate nuke ops or something, but do try and at least stop any fight possible (with you in it)

and tip 7. have some friends, I know probably the hardest tip of all, but find another greyshit, its easy to get a pirate-tide espiecaly if you share loot (jimmy brickets does not condone meta-buddying or meta-comming or meta-anything)

welp, part 3? who knows, hope you get robusted a slightly bit less greyshits


Welder when turned on does 15 damage which is pretty good

well besides welder, shit like pocket crowbars and wrenches are kinda shit

Red crowbar actually hits for 12 iirc
Screwdriver to eyes is pretty good too

flash is your universal tool for any minor threat. it’s non lethal, it still wins your fight even if you wanted lethals, and it’s easy to use. you can find them in tech storage which is hilariously easy to tide into. flash + zipties is the no1 way to nonlethally capture someone.


As someone who plays MRP and is thus highly unrobust at everything that isn’t 10 paragraph monologues about my backstory, are the smoke grenades you find in maint actually good for anything but covering an escape? They seem like they aren’t good in a fight you plan on sticking around for but I’m not sure if there’s any other ways to use them creatively.

They are pretty decent, best used in smaller rooms so you cover the entire area, they are best at escaping fights you can’t win but i don’t really know how they could be used in an offensive scenario, maybe throw a smoke next to the guy you wanna attack and he won’t instantly see you coming with a desword in your hand

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They are a purely defensive, or deceptive tool.
The best you could use them for is maybe put a smoke on the cameras and windows so that noone can see you.

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Extinguisher is also robust, not only it hits pretty good, it can slip and you can throw it.

everyone always forgets about the secret floor tile technique
if someone is relentlessly chasing you down with a flash/weapon and you are unarmed this is the one to use

  1. grab crowbar
  2. upend floortiles like a mad man (BONUS TIP: you can drag floortiles with ctrl+click and the pulled stack will merge)
  3. chuck floor tiles at persons head till horizontal (use hotkey) ((they do about 10 damage a tile AFAIK, you only need to land 5 before they get slowed and become a sitting duck))

this lets you kite someone without having to worry about getting close to them

also dont forget you can catch thrown stuff by toggling the throw intent on (i use end) while in help intent.

But how do you manage to throw them?
Do you just take a new one every time you throw?
Or do you somehow quickly manage to split the stack?

just tap ‘end’ it will ready a throw in your active hand

you put the floor tile stack in your offhand and have a empty active hand, click the stack to pull one tile from the stack, press end, click and throw at your targets head, with enough practice you can machine gun tiles at people.

Oh i know how to toggle throw quickly. Its just that i didnt know you can quickly take tiles out of a stack. I thought you needed to alt click, and then go through a menu. Oh well

Tip: ALWAYS check your targets race when planning to murder. Flypeople are hilariously weak to flyswatter, ipcs can be one shot with an emp, moths are weak to flashes, lizards are weak to chilliness, humans are well… Kinda hard to deal with i guess.

Toolbox untill horizontal.